Rob Black: Girls, Look for Those Spike Holes; Someone Poke Mike South To See If He’s Alive

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Rob Black devoted a portion of his Tuesday show, ridiculing the fact that Mike “Zed” South has been joining the party late when it comes to reporting significant stories.

Black suspected that South’s been spending a lot of time fishing and therefore catching up on what the rest of the porn world already knows.

South this week reported that Manwin’s contract guy Danny D aka Matt Hughes [pictured was a crossover guy. Black had shows months ago in which he reported this latest trend in adult video of gay performers working straight. As a result, Rocco Reed announced his retirement as soon as Black had outed him

“This is everything we’ve been talking about,” Black said of South’s story.

“He’s talking about a Manwin contract guy with a gay porn past. Zed South, all of a sudden, he just got the memo- I guess they didn’t tell him that.

“Zed South is talking about a Manwin guy, Matt Hughes, Danny D, and Mike South all of a sudden is hip on the fact and shocked that there’s crossover. We talked about eight guys fully submerged in the straight side of porn, but Mike South talks about a guy we never heard of.

“It’s like someone just informed him there are crossover guys, and all of a sudden someone just told him that. Next week he’s going to proclaim the news that there are other gay guys who are crossovers. Next week Mike South is going to proclaim that he is the breaking news that there are gay performers in straight scenes.

“I never heard of the guy [Danny D],” said Black, but when there was the little gay outbreak and and Laura D- we ran an entire history of crossovers from that, and Zed South never talked about it. We were hip to this two, three or four years ago, Zed.

“I got to figure you have to have a lawn jockey Mr. Marcus on your lawn. I got to assume that if you’re just coming to the party on the fact that there’s gays crossing over, you must be late on the fact that blacks have the right to vote.

“If you can put down the pitch fork or anything associated with the ignorant south, stop writing about Indians doing celebrity sex tapes nobody gives a shit about.”

Black said Danny D “is another fanook and conflicted.”

“What bothers me is the fact that the guys that are so conflicted are the guys that are dangerous. Seth Gamble hides. Derek Hay hides. Ryan Driller hides. The list goes on and on, and the guys that hide are the problem because they’re so mentally conflicted that they come up with the ideas in their head that justifies them being gay; and those justifications translate into the private sector.

“’Do I do this trick with the Sugar Daddy without a condom?’ That’s the problem. It’s amazing that someone told Zed about this, but he doesn’t do the break down of the problem why. South should be sitting there saying Ryan Driller was just featured in this article by AVN.

“Zed, I never heard you do a story about Ryan Driller, and all he has is performance problems. But he talks about Danny D, I don’t get it. You’re so juiced in, you should have known Rocco Reed had performance problems. Like out of the blue you’re hearing from all these girls this performer Danny D is having performance problems. I guess nobody clued Danny into spiking his dick.

“Let me explain,” Black continued.

“When a gentleman has a hard on and he emerges from bathrooms with instantly a hard on, he spikes his dick. When he pulls his dick from his pants and it’s rock hard, he spikes his dick. Nobody walks around with a fully erect penis without a spiked dick. Guys are saying it’s Viagra, Cialis, bullshit. Those are drugs that open up the capillaries and achieve an erection quicker.

“Then the erection goes down- you play with it- it takes some effort- you have to be into it because on Viagra you can not have a 100% hard on.

“Spiking your cock is the only way that your cock stays like wood, and it’s hard throughout the entire scene; even when you stop to take a break, and the cock is hard as a rock, that means it’s spiked. Ever see guys spike their dick? They get frantic as the scene wears on [because the constant hardness gives it away]. Here’s the funny thing. A good spiker is supposed to spike at the base of the cock.

“Girls, you need to look for puncture wounds,” says Black. “The dummies are spiking their dick heads.”

“Besides the fact that there’s a flawed testing procedure and Stagliano does not tell people he’s HIV positive, now you have the third thing you got to maneuver through this business – guys that take needles before a scene and inject their penises. That opens all the capillaries and forces blood there. In time that medication wear away and the clotted capillaries break down.

“They give the spike to guys that are impotent, that are so sexually dysfunctional that Viagra won’t work for them; either that or gay guys so conflicted with their sexuality that they can’t fuck straight women.

“With an open wound they put a female performer at risk. During a scene those guys are staring right through you and dreaming about that cock they had last night in their asshole. These are guys dreaming about cock they had the night before. Girls, look for those spike holes.”

Black said he’s had lots of experience with spikers.

“If you’re walking around with a raging hard on, you’re a spiker; you’re a spiker if your dick never goes limp. Plain and simple, you’re a spiker. Easiest thing to spot in the world. When a man spikes and punctures his flesh and puts his penis inside of you, if he has any fucking disease, you got it.

“That man just inserted an open wound that is five minutes fresh. This is safe, and I’m an asshole for speaking out?

“Zed South is shitting on Matt Hughes saying his cock don’t work. Of course, he wants man ass. Just like all of the other crossover guys you don’t talk about. Since you’re outing Matt Hughes and that he has dick problems, why don’t you then talk about all the other crossovers that have dick problems.

“Talk about Ryan Driller and Laura D. and her unicorn head. Talk about where all the crossover guys come from Laura D. who’s in cahoots with Manwin. You’re late coming to the party. You just want to talk about Matt Hughes. He’s gay and wouldn’t have a limp dick if Seth Gamble or Ryan Driller was sucking on it, if Derek Hay gave him a little kiss.

“Ryan Driller is the biggest gay limp duck motherfucker in scenes out there,” declared Black.

“Zed South, talk about LA Direct’s Ryan Driller and Derek Hay. If you’re trying to make a point, all these guys that work for Evil Angel like Danny Wylde who’s a Spiegler girl buttfuck boy. All those guys working for Evil Angel. All those guys are crossover guys.

Black also suspected that South is on a payroll and is on the take with his erratic posting habits.

“I take umbrage with the story,” said Black. I also take mild umbrage with Gene Ross who calls Mike South Slim Pickens. It’s Zed South, alright?

“Zed South decides this is going to be breaking news. I want to hear him talking about Ryan Driller, Seth Gamble, Derek Hay, Danny Wylde, Wolf Hudson. I want to hear him talk about those guys and their limp dick stories.” Black recalled Seth Gamble having major problems getting it up with Chanelle Preston in a POV scene.

“The whole time she’s talking to him about how awesome is cock is, and he’s having problems? Mike South, the janitor is the only person left in the party you got invited to.”

“These guys lead an unsafe secret life, and because it’s secret, it’s unsafe. Mike South, I don’t know why your site is a must read. But all you do is batting practice. You’re just batting practice for a whole bunch of professionals that hit home runs. You say stupid shit, and I have to make your shit poignant and something that matters.

“I have to do clean up for you. It’s pathetic. I’m supposed to be the one that flunked out of porn and I got to clean up after you. You can thank me doing your job once again.”

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