Rob Black: Go to a Dodger’s Game with Jerry Estrada and You can Bypass Derek Hay

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You can reside in Georgia, and think you know how the game works in porn, or you can live in Los Angeles and see how it works first hand.

Rob Black spent the entire Thursday afternoon on his show, showing fans how deals are made, how product is sold, what becomes popular and why and how performers can get around their agents.

Black noted that Adella who now has a PR agency actually started her career working for his uncle Chuck at Zane Entertainment.

“She didn’t start with Tera Patrick; she didn’t start with Digital Playground. She started at Zane. Nobody talks about that. I’m talking about where you were so intricately involved with day-to-day operations where you make your bones.

“The whole porn system is bullshit,” said Black.

“You have Mike South saying tattoo girls are not popular. Here’s the funny thing about Bonnie Rotten. Adam Hasner would call Tom Byron and go, this month’s AVN, bro, we gotta use Kagney Linn Karter, bro, because she’s on the cover of the new Elegant Angel movie, bro.

“You have to use the girl that Peter Warren and AVN anointed to be on the cover of an Elegant Angel movie because they paid, whatever, bro. There ya go, bro.

“So now you’re the star of Rambone. I don’t want to take any credit for that, but we floated that idea around with the geniuses over there with the DreamZone shit. So now you’ve got a Rambone parody, an all girl cast, ala Rob Black Black/General Stone Reservoir Doggs.

“You have a tatted up broad, and I say that because that’s a biker broad. My dad would go ‘look at that broad.’ And you pay for the cover of AVN like with Jerry and you pay $3,000 for a back cover that nobody gives a shit.

“And now Frank Koretsky who owns DreamZone and IVD takes the movie and puts it through their system, and that’s how it works. Lion’s Den puts your product through the system because Scott Taylor says I’m going to put you on the cover. And you girls are listening to agents? Seriously you’re listening to Derek Hay?

“Derek Hay’s girlfriend Tasha Reign, she has a video line, her own distribution video line. It’s through Juicy. Juicy is owned by Jerry, this entire pipeline I just talked about. Her product is distributed by Juicy.

“Danny Gorman’s office is right outside Jerry’s office. I used to sit in Danny Gorman’s office and make fun of Jerry. I would look at the peoples’ proofs and go, oh my God, Brian Pumper’s got to be the worst dude in the world. Oh my God, Jeff Coldwater’s fat girl fucking comp movies have got to be the worst things in the world.

“So Tasha Reign is there. Tasha Reign who got with Derek and is fucking Derek, and Derek goes, ‘I’m going to get your a deal, my dahling.’ And all he did was get a hold of Juicy and Jerry and that was it.

“I’ll explain to you right now. Go to see Jerry any time and ask him to go to a Dodgers game. You will go to a Dodgers game and you can bypass Derek and save the percentage on a model’s fee.”

Black said he would lay out a “road map” for performers who wanted to bypass their agents.

We’ll talk about that in further updates.


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