Rob Black: I Love This Girl, Kayden Kross

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The porn business is mirroring what politics is,” intoned Rob Black on his Friday show,

Black noted that it’s been a big news cycle for porn.

“People who watch politics can appreciate the overwhelming information, scandal, controversy and leakage that has been going on in porn this week.”

Black said the condom issue is the mechanism and springboard for the cleaning up of the entire business. Such a story was written by Jacob Weis at and Black had kudos for Weis thinking he was “maybe a goofy blog guy.”

“He does an amazing story on no condoms in porn,” said Black.

“How this got under the radar is amazing.” Black focused some of his comments on Logan Pierce and Kayden Kross whose names appear on the Measure B lawsuit filed by Vivid.

The Weis article, with corroborating quotes, essentially paints Logan Pierce as a pawn in the Vivid game.

Black also sounded like he was falling in love with Kross the way he gushed over her.

“Her name’s also on the condom lawsuit,” Black explained.

“Kayden’s done what she’s done to get where she’s at, that is become a name in the business. God bless her, but we always knew she was not a representation of the girls out there. She’s an aberration. She calls the shots.

“She proves you don’t have to be in Hollywood B movies and be in a position in the porn industry to call the shots. A couple of girls stay that way. Alexis Texas became an A-list star. Now she’s married to Mr. Pete for crissake. Alexis Texas fucked her way down. Kayden Kross did everything to become a star. Kross married Manuel Ferrara. He’s the big European star.”

What I found puzzling, as did Black, is how Weis got access to all the people in the article then got them to let their guards down for some extremely revealing and provocative quotes. Black said reading that piece is like hearing David Lord tell Rob Black stories out of school.

“Kayden Kross knows exactly what has to be done to get in the public eye,” Black explained.

Black also applauded Logan Pierce for being courageous.

“The courage you showed was saying they’re [Steve Hirsch and Paul Cambria] all bullshitters. The courage for you was to be honest and saying you’re a pawn, that I’m a sex slave fucking purveyor. I love this. The applause I give Logan is for being honest.

“Kayden, I applaud, because she does what she’s supposed to do. She got good advice from people. She got what a lot of girls don’t get in that sense. She hooked up with people who told her who the good and bad scumbags are even though Kayden does talk and deals with shady people.

“When Fabian Thysmann [sic] was running around Porn Valley she accompanied Fabian everywhere. It’s going to raise my stature, she’s saying to herself. She’s no dummy and the article shows she’s no dummy. I love this girl.

“She said she has a lot of pull with the fans and that translates to her pull on the set.”

“You go girl,” said Black.

“When Kayden Kross doesn’t want to work with a male performer, they find her another one. How much did Manuel pay you to get his green card? You took a guy who dunks girls’ heads in toilets and does horrific shit to them, and you make him like he’s Brad fucking Pitt. You are the shit.”

Black wondered why Kayden’s buddy Mike South never got her to run interference for him and make Black less a scumbag in everyone’s eyes.

Black read Kross’ quotes in the article as an expression of everything he’s been saying on air about how a female performer should exert power.

“This girl said, hey man, you want to pass a bill, you go to the stars, not these hooker bitches at the car washes. ‘When we talk people listen.’
“Kayden, I always laugh because people said Kayden Kross, she’s a girl that says ‘I’m better than you and you all suck. Prove I don’t suck.’ All Kayden did in that article was speak the truth.

Black finds it particularly amusing that the worst said of him is how he made talent wait in a lobby for their checks.

“You waited in the lobby then? Imagine Kayden saying, ‘I never want them to get a check unless they eat feces out of a plate. Which contract girl should I fuck with today? Ashlyn Gere?’

“I got to imagine Kayden’s pussy is as good as Stormy Daniels.”

“Logan, keep it up. You got the balls. You said you were a pawn, that Steve Hirsch didn’t call you. Steve Hirsch doesn’t call this kid!! No word from the lawyers. Nothing. That’s it. At the end, he’s getting nothing. He’s not even doing movies for Vivid.

“I need petitions to say Kayden Kross ‘you need to divorce Manuel Ferrara and hook up with RobBlack’ We would destroy the world. I fucking love you, Kayden. Where were you all my life? Fuck Manuel. He’s part of the Evil Angel empire, and they’re breaking all kinds of laws over there. You know you wouldn’t let John Stagliano stick his fingers in your pussy.

“This is a gangster fucking wife.”

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