Rob Black : If The PASS System Is Flawless, Why Institute 14 Day Testing

Rob Black posed four questions on his show Monday afternoon.

“It’s a fucking joke.”

“We have issues in our business that nobody wants to talk about or debate. It’s pathetic. We have issues in our business that nobody wants to discuss except 4 or 5 people who hide behind fake names on message boards and call people names.”

“Nobody wants to actually talk about the challenges that I’ve laid out. So, in turn you have a system that is broken beyond belief. It will never be fixed.”

“I could give you simple questions in a nice package with rainbows around it and the powers that be still won’t answer them. Somebody asked me a question the other night about what’s going on with the HIV situation, are there going to be investigations? I said sure, we can lay it all out and give evidence, but if no one does anything what’s the point? Like if a tree falls and no one hears it, does it matter? There’s like 4 people who care, and they’re all outside of our business and nobody’s doing anything. Hmm…OK.”

“It’s like hey do you know that testing is available for free and when you pay 350 dollars a month your blood is pooled because it’s cheaper, and Christian Mann writes a letter and says if you don’t go through the PASS system you don’t work.”

“Nobody’s outraged, nobody says anything. There isn’t a fucking soul in our business that is doing a fucking thing. Any supporter, if all they do it sit behind a desk, a keyboard, and live their life quietly and anonymously, or they direct and they call me up and whisper ‘I agree with you’ but don’t do or say anything, fuck all you guys. You’re all weak pathetic punks. You’re basically people who complain, but don’t vote.”

“Do you realize that no one has enacted any new policies to protect performers except Axel Braun when he said he would no longer shoot anyone under 21? When we were going through all the health issues starting with the Mr. Marcus syphilis epidemic, that he gave everybody a year ago. Since then, nobody has done a fucking thing to make anybody safer.”

“Except PASS and Free Speech Coalition announced that instead of testing every 30 days, we would test every 14 days. Even though they’ve always said their testing protocol was fine, they’re now going to have testing every 14 days just to be extra cautious. Oh, and by the way, It’s gonna cost you an extra $165 a pop. Again.”

“That’s it. That is the only progress at protecting anybody.”

“How about this for a novel idea. If they would’ve said, here’s what we’re doing. We’re now going to test twice a month, BUT your one payment of your one test covers both tests. That’s what we’re doing for everybody. You would’ve heard a round of applause from the industry and you would’ve had the entire industry in support of you.”

“But you don’t even fucking do that. And nobody talks about that. Nobody tweets about that. Nobody thinks that maybe that is a good idea. I’ve said that about about 10-12 different times. How about when PASS and Free Speech Coalition, when they instituted their two tests a month policy, why didn’t they throw a fucking bone to everybody and say, hey, you’re gonna be tested twice a month, but your one payment covers both tests.”

“Nope. Fuck you.”

“That’s a good debate, but nobody wants to debate that. Because everybody who is a decision maker has no answer for that. And everybody who plays games on message boards and who are little quiet bitches would never debate that, because it would invoke real conversation and that would have people going hmmm that is a good question, why don’t they implement that? Nope. It’s easier just to call people names and hide.”

“If the industry really gives a fuck about talent, and they’re not willing to do what’s right and have them wear condoms, why is it the only thing they’ve been able to come up with in a year and a half is to test them twice a month? And for this industry to not say BUT, your one payment covers both tests, nobody want to talk about that. It’s easier to hide behind a fake name and just say Tom Byron likes trannies and Rob Black is an asshole.”

“When someone asks a fundamental question like how talent who can hardly afford the one test they do now and the testing that they do now is so flawed that people are working with syphilis and HIV, and the tests that are done can be done for free at AIDS Healthcare Foundation and the County Health Department for free, no one can offer the compromise of even saying we’re going to cover one of your tests?”

“Here’s another question. The Free Speech Coalition, up until a month ago, said the testing system was flawless, that there has been no on set transmission in a decade, we are safe, we are the best. Then out of the fucking blue they say we now need to test every two weeks?”

“So the system that was responsible for keeping everyone safe is now every 14 days? I thought it worked every 30 days?”

“It does. ”

“But we’ve haven’t had an on set transmission in ten years.”

“True true”

“So why are we doubling up?”

“Just to be doubly safe.”

“But you’re saying we haven’t had an on set transmission. Isn’t that wasting money? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to put on a condom?”

“Oh, it would only be cheaper to… the talent? And the talent wouldn’t have to pay an extra $165 because they would be wearing a condom…”

“Nobody’s talked about that, I guess this is too sophisticated. Let’s talk about tubesites and transsexuals. And Manwin.”

“A testing system that is flawless and has produced no on set transmissions. Double the costs. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?”

“Here’s a third question:

“Why not take the other million and a half you’re going to raise from the talent and create a healthcare system for them? Let’s see all the keyboard warriors and bloggerboys debate that. Let’s see if all you anonymous people who are too afraid to speak up will debate that. Or is this way too intellectual for you guys?”

“How about another question? On the issue of “choice” that Christian Mann, Diane Duke and the lot of them say performers have, and of course you have a lot of performers who support condoms but are anonymous, not willing to go on record like Katie Summers and Tom Byron have and say that there is no “choice.” Why not put together a contract that Free Speech Coalition and PASS will draft that states that a company is condom optional and that no performer will be discriminated against in any way, shape or form, to invoke an optional right to wear a condom?”

“If Charity Bangs can go around with a piece of paper that she gives to Mr. Pete and Scott Lyons that says we promise we don’t have HIV and here’s a paper we’ve signed to prove it and the rocket scientists say that’s a really good idea, why can’t Free Speech Coalition draft a piece of paper that Diane Duke gives to Vivid, Devils Film, Exquisite Multimedia, etc. that states that that company is a condom optional company and that there will no repercussions or discrimination for exercising the choice to use a condom?”

“A Performer Bill of Rights. Put it in writing. And if Christian Mann says that all we care about is our directors making good quality product, then Evil Angel should have no problem signing a paper that says that they are a condom optional company and that they will not discriminate and they will not do anything that will create a stigma for talent who want to use condoms? Let’s see if everybody will get behind that agreement.”

“Remember, everyone says that we can regulate ourselves. I’ve now come up with three concepts of self regulation. Or if that is too intellectually challenging for you brain dead cocksuckers because it gives you no out?”

“Here’s your fourth and final question. Why won’t the little bitches who go on message boards and hide behind fake names come out and say who you are? They’re not random fans, they are people who go on and talk about inside information. They are people in our business. They hide. They are such gutless pussies and they sit there and hide and talk about Rob Black and says what he says is wrong, because he’s a nobody, he’s a loser, he’s irrelevant. Who are you? Oh, I hide behind a fake name. I’m here, I’m real and i’m putting myself out there to try and do something productive and you hide behind a fake name and talk shit. These are people who are actually in our business, producers and directors. And they hide. What does that say about you? That your opinion is so great that you won’t share who you are. Why because people won’t like you? Why won’t you say , Hi I’m Jim Camp. Hi I’m Jules Jordan. If you are all such charismatic figures and visionaries, aren’t you powerful enough to challenge the people that are destroying the business?”

“Doesn’t that prove my point that you are all part of the system and are all pussies? That if you speak out against certain people that you’ll be blacklisted?”

“So if you sit behind a keyboard and hide, I think you’re a punk. I think you’re a fucking baby bitch.”

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