Rob Black: Libertarian John Stagliano Threw Me Under The Bus; Life on the Inside-There’s No Crying in Prison

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On his Internet show, Tuesday, Rob Black explained how after he got out of prison he went to work for a company [Exquisite] where he created a line for them.

“I created a company for them where all they do is distribute product and take a percentage. I’m on probation. I need a job. I got to make it look like I’m working at a legitimate place. Awesome.”

Black feels that he did the company a favor as well because their product was “crap” and no one was buying it.

“I had to make nice with people that I would never be nice to. I let them talk to me in ways that I would never have had in a million years.”

Black explained that once his probation was over the days of him “taking it in the ass like a male performer who lies and says he’s not gay and tries to perform in our business and on the outside he does male escorting” are over.

Black said he’ll be revealing seven names of performers who answer to that description.

Black says he’s broke and has nothing.

“I still have judgments against me. There’s a credit card company still to this day that sends letters. Send them to Art Attack.”

Rob Black also predicted that he will make a comeback if at least Birds of Prey is an barometer.

Birds of Prey got an AVN Best Packaging award.

“So I guess I’m still relevant,” said Black.

You can’t stifle someone who knows what they’re doing.”

Black, who’s always been a promoter, addressed the fact that in 2001 he ran for Mayor of Los Angeles. True story.

“Long before Mary Carey and them ran for governor. I actually took it serious. I got 1,000 votes. We created a campaign.”

The same held true after he got out of prison.

“Extreme Comixxx- that was me,” he said. “General Stone that was me. Taxi Driver the movie that put Tommy Pistol, Gia Paloma’s husband on the map, that was my movie. I didn’t even want him for the part.”

Black said he auditioned a couple of other performers who were either horrible or didn’t want to shave their heads for the role.

“Xander [Corvus] was the first choice. Xander wanted to do it but [agent] Robert Moran wouldn’t let him shave his head. Xander would have won the award, instead, it was third-choice Tommy Pistol.”

Black acknowledged how Tom Byron shaved his head for a role in the porn version of Superman.

“A guy who used to pride himself on having long bitch hair. He would wear it with his nipples pierced. He shaved his head to play Lex Luthor. It’s like Ron Jeremy shaving his mustache off, for Christ sake.

“So when I got out of prison I created Extreme Comixxx. We had to use a fake name and every one of you cocksuckers dealt with me. I had to use a fake name. I had people who took credit for my stuff. I directed movies where an owner said he directed it. What kind of human being would take credit for something that you didn’t do? What kind of piece of shit is that?”

Black explained that once out of prison, the company he was working for- Exquisite- “worked a nice elaborate deal with two other companies and the biggest distributor in the business to strategically fuck” him.

“Now I sit here with my dick in my hands trying to figure out the new game plan.”

What’s also gnawing at Black is the fact that he had to extend his mea culpas to the porn industry at AVN.

“John Stagliano and Trisha Deveraux walked out in protest,” he recalls.

“I wanted to get on the mike and go fuck you, but I had to bite my tongue. I had to bite my tongue when I got busted and John Stagliano called me a misogynist. I had to bite my tongue when he threw me under the bus. And he’s a big Libertarian? He’s Mr. Fucking Free Speech? Think about that.”

Black said during that AVN show Steve Orenstein came up to him and said, ‘I moved him.’ That’s what he said. Fact. Steve Orenstein came up to me in the lobby and said I moved him. ‘Awesome speech.’

“Where’d that get me? I went to prison. It was all about Lizzy. I didn’t give a shit about me. I could have done five years on my head. They tortured me. They fucked with me bad. There were nights when I cried profusely. I couldn’t cry any more while I sat in a box by myself. They took away my medication. I couldn’t use the phone for two weeks. My family didn’t know if I was alive. They wouldn’t let me communicate. I could write a letter. They put me in ‘the shoe’ for redesignation.

“When they finally let me communicate with the outside world I got one phone call every week. Oh, what did it say? I went to the wrong prison. I didn’t go to the wrong prison, you stupid motherfuckers.

“Let me explain this. Back in the day when you got hit with an obscenity conviction you went to a camp. Russ Hampshire and all the good ol’ boys went to a camp called Boron. Boron had a swimming pool.

“That’s where the old timers went. The new laws changed with the sentencing guidelines. Now any obscenity crime they treat as a sex crime. You are labeled as a sex predator. You get busted for obscenity you are labeled as a sex predator and are not eligibile to go to a federal prison camp.

“You go to a real prison where they have monitored movements. That’s where I was. Every hour on the hour you’re allowed to leave for two minutes. Then don’t send you to camps. People thought I was a child molester.”

Black said he wound up doing time with meth dealers and gangbangers.

“These guys don’t understand. They see fuck movies everywhere and you go your in prison for a fuck movie? Oh, you’re kidding. You think the government didn’t do it on purpose?”

“I would pray to Jesus.”

“When I sat there in that shoe, I read the bible every day. I would get on my knees and pray and cry. I said I won’t be mean to people. I won’t have lust in my eyes. I’m not going to be a pornographer. I wrote my dad and said I was going into the restaurant business and getting out of porn.”

“I got two showers a week and one phone call. Outside every other day for a half hour and you go outside in a cage. They broke me. I had one guard say to me ‘You don’t cry. When I walk by you it disgusts me.’

“I did all that to save my wife, and she went through the same thing. Now here I am out of prison. I got no money. Now I have to redeem my name.”

Black said he’s been put into a position where he has to explain all his past transgressions.

“Get you ready you cocksuckers because I’m going to blast the fuck out of it. I’m going to shake the fucking foundation of your fucking house. Remember what you did to me for eight years? All I got is my mind, the product I can still create from wrestling on down, and my voice for speaking the truth.”

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