Rob Black: “Paul Fishbein Is The Biggest Crybaby Bitch in the World”

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“Paul Fishbein is the biggest crybaby bitch in the world,” said Rob Black on his Internet show Friday,

Black also, on the air, called me a pain in the ass. I guess I would be if I was looking for my check 5:45 on a Friday evening with the banks about to close. But I digress.

Black talked about a series of communiqués he got from Fishbein after my first appearance on Black’s show which I followed up the next day on my site with a story about how AVN was run by an Israeli off-the-rack suit salesman named Yoram.

The gist of Fishbein’s messages to Black were “you had a great opportunity and blew it” by having me on the air. I wasn’t the one who ran AVN into the ground. In fact during my tenure, AVN had its best years editorially and commercially.

But, according to what Fishbein is saying, I’m now offering up revisionist history.

“What a shame, nobody believes him. He’s a miserable scumbag liar. You had a chance,” Fishbein wrote Black.

Black wanted to know what kind of chance Fishbein was offering him.

“What chance did I blow, mighty Fishbein, you fucking cunt.”

“What did you do for me? I played the game when I got out of prison and everybody went, ‘fuck you.’ What did it get me? And your friend scumbag Steve Hirsch can’t take a meeting with me and Tom Byron. I got a 3-day notice on my door. Are you going to cut me a check?”

“When I got out of prison, I still played ball and got fucked by the same people. You tell me, Paul, what have you done? What did I throw away Paul? Your boy Bryn Pryor fucked up Snow White.”


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