Rob Black: Steve Hirsch Played You All; CNBC Report Proves It

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When I observed that the CNBC news report on the porn industry was loaded with factual errors and contradictions, I wasn’t kidding. Even though Free Speech has called an end to the moratorium read this and digest it:

from – The group [Free Speech] has not called for a moratorium after [Rod] Daily’s announcement, but some studios are still holding off on shooting.

“We are not currently in production,” said Steven Hirsch, founder/co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment, one of the industry’s largest and best-known studios.

“Our next shoot is scheduled for mid-October. We will assess the situation at that time.”

Rob Black caught that little inconsistency as well and reported the following on his Wednesday night show.

“This must be amusing to Frank Kortesky,” Black noted.

“I laugh with all the violations and all of the studios that have put their balls on the line thinking that Steve Hirsch wasn’t shooting. And what shooting they’ve been doing is outside Los Angeles. All of you patsies like Jim Lane, now your balls are out there waiting to be lopped off.

“Marci Hirsch at Vivid is intertwined with their productions and she’s a voting member on Free Speech. Isn’t it puzzling and troubling that Free Speech with Marci Hirsch on the board, they decide we can all shoot, that it’s perfectly safe?

“Marci Hirsch is putting everyone in a position of liability, but in the CNBC article that came out Steve Hirsch is saying, ‘we are currently not in production’.

“What I get from what he’s saying, they’re not shooting, moratorium or no moratorium. When October rolls around they will assess the situation whether they will start shooting again. But Marci Hirsch sits on Free Speech Coalition and PASS- they tell everybody to keep on doing scenes and fuck as many people as you want. You guys do it. We ain’t gonna do it.

“Steve Hirsch and Frank Koretsky, together, they probably own a million movies- think about the library of Pleasure Productions and every entity they own. Everything out of Pure Play Media is owned by Frank Koretsky. Steve Hirsch is telling his best friend to shoot, it’s all good.

“Little did anyone know Hirsch ain’t shooting and when they did it was outside of Los Angeles. Wow, guys. Have you all been played. And you’re being played on the liability issue. You dummies are all so gullible. When are you going to smarten the fuck up? This is funny as fuck. Marci Hirsch keeps telling you to go on and do your 50 man gangbangs.”


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