Rob Black to Annika Albrite: “You’re Either F**king Stupid Or….”

At the end of his show Monday afternoon Rob Black challenged Peter Warren of AVN to do an investigation on why John Stagliano is working with female performers in his Stretch Class series and isn’t telling them he’s got HIV.

“I’m going to keep talking about this until I get Stagliano’s answer,” vowed Black.

“Peter Warren at AVN, I want to see you defend Stagliano and investigate that like you defended a white guy painted like a fucking yellow Chinese guy, you sonofabitch. Why aren’t you speaking out? Why, because you don’t get fucking paid? Is that it, you don’t get fucking paid? Why don’t you find out.”

Moments earlier, Black went off on Annika Albrite who appeared in Stagliano’s Stretch Class 14. It was Albrite who chastised LA voters last November for voting Yes on measure B that would mandate condoms in porn shoots.

Black’s of the opinion that Stagliano needs to divulge this information to prospective hires to at least give them an option to work with him.

“But when you don’t that’s fucking criminal. If anything it’s civilly negligent.”

Black suggested that performers call attorneys Paul Cambria and Al Gelbard

“And Chris Mann while you’re sitting there posting pictures of yourself battling chemo, why don’t you post a letter defending why your organization does not inform girls that John’s HIV positive and then puts them at risk?”

Black wondered how Albrite could call voters dumb when she’s dumb.

“You know what they’re saying? You’re dumb because you either knew John had HIV so you decided to put yourself at risk which makes you fucking stupid, or you didn’t know which proves Los Angeles’ point that you need to be treated like a fucking child and you need to be forced to wear a condom.”

“Annika Albrite, there’s your test. You either worked with John Stagliano and you knew he was HIV positive which meant you put yourself at risk which means your fucking stupid, and you’re irresponsible so you need to wear a fucking condom if you’re going to perform with anybody I’m friends with; or you were taken advantage of and nobody told you the guy was HIV positive.

“Annika, we need to wear condoms to protect people like you from the people that hide that and Los Angeles voters are correct that we’re all children and we need to be forced to use hazmat suits and rubbers.”

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