Rob Black to Diane Duke, At Some Point You’re Going to Have to Answer to Someone

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Man of The Week, at least according to Mike South, Rob Black, on his Internet show Thursday again put the blast on Diane Duke and the Free Speech Coalition for refusal to acknowledge the crossover problem in porn.

“I could give two shits about who and who’s not gay,” said Black.

“I could give two shits if you swallow man jizz then play football with all the boys afterwards. Joanne Capistrano [sic], and Diane Duke, everybody at Free Speech is full of shit.”

Black said maybe they can buffalo the newcomers to the business, “But you’re also talking to guys that have been around the business when there was no testing and you had hamburger lesions on your body. You got the bug then you died.

“John Holmes, Paul Vatelli you had all these guys. ‘We should have testing,’ said Tom Byron who was treated like a Jerry Butler trouble making asshole. While Black didn’t mention it, if memory serves correct, Byron was black listed because he took a stand on the condom issue.

“You guys all sit there and talk like you’ve been on a quarantine list,” said Black.

Joanne Capistrano, Diane Duke, Steve Hirsch, the Manwin boys, shame on you. Shame on you, Marci Hirsch you were fucking Marc Wallice during the ELIZA era. You were fucking Marc Wallice. You guys weren’t wearing, rubbers and now you sit on a board that lies about everything. You’re making money off the talent and you treat the talent as disposable. Ask Brooke Ashley or Kimberly Jade.

“You got a broken down piece of shit [FSC], God bless you. You motherfuckers have no idea what it’s like to be in the trenches. When I was fucking Tricia Devereaux [now Karen Stagliano] it was six months later that she got the bug from Wallice.

“But when I was with Karen I watched over her. I directed her getting triple penetrated and everybody thought it was a shitty movie. It was an incest movie, now they’re all, hey mom, fuck me. I’ve been through all of this.” Black described being with a porn girl as a scene in Silkwood where Meryl Streep is scrubbed down for nuclear waste.

“You’re a nuclear pile of shit.”

“When we’re all engaged in that life [porn] we lose who we are. We are that character, and that character doesn’t end when your girlfriend is sitting on a couch with you at the end of the day. You ask what’s that in your hair? ‘Oh, I didn’t get the cum out.’ That’s disgusting!!!!

“Diane Duke, Joanne Capistrano, when you go home every day, you are not part of that system; Mark Kernes, you’re not part of that system, but shame on you Marci, you are part of that system.

“With this Christian-thing, everybody hates him, and I don’t know why. And I have the most respect for him. He’ll go, ‘I’ll fuck you in the ass and suck your cock.’ He’s not a guy who goes, ‘I did that in the past.’ My point is that when our business lies and says we are completely safe that is a lie. Derrick Burts is a gay performer.

“Derrick, you said you got it in the business. I’ll argue and say you got it from hooking. But how can our business make up a lie? It’s a lie of omission. Mark Kernes, you tweet about Rush Limbaugh what will they [Gene Ross and Rob Black] say next.

“I’m directing a question to you, and you’re not answering it. Somebody’s going to pick up on the crazy loud mouth comedian, but he’s saying more truth than what Rush Limbaugh would. I’m having fun, but the fun exposes serious issues, negligence and lies.

“Mark Kernes won’t address it and say how the Derrick Burts case is any different than our performers who are homosexual and perform in straight scenes. If Wolf Hudson, god forbid, comes down with HIV, will AVN say he’s part of the gay community and it’s not part of the transmission?

“Diane Duke, Joanne Capistrano, if you people don’t think anybody from Sacramento or AHF doesn’t have my program on, if you don’t think someone at Free Speech has my program on, somewhere in the stratosphere my voice is echoing in those offices. Someone in your building is listening to me everyday, if not live, archived. At some point you’re going to have to answer to somebody.”


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