Rob Black to Mike Gatto: “People are going to hear your name associated with dog shit”

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Situations in porn and politics flip on a dime. It was not long ago that Jenna Jameson at the AVN show urged the adult industry to kiss her ass. Now XBiz is kissing hers. And just months ago Rob Black was hailing California assemblyman Mike Gatto as the next Julius Caesar. You know how that turned out for Caesar.

In light of Gotto’s cock blocking AB 640, Black, Thursday night, declared he was going to run against Gatto. Which is nothing new for Black. He ran for mayor of Los Angeles and got something like 1,000 votes on the brass knuckle ticket.

“Guess what, Gotto?” Black announced. “ Rob Black is going to run for your seat. Just let the bill [AB 640] come into vote, but you want to hold it up and play games. You want something, but you’re not going to get it. Not you got Rob Black. I ran for mayor. I sat on a panel with other candidates and debated them.”

Black said he would have funding to make the challenge.

“This is going to be fun. I’m going to destroy you. I’m starting now. I’m so excited that I will start every single day- I’m going to start every single day for the next year and a half campaigning for your seat. People are going to hear your name associated with dog shit.

“You’re an embarrassment to the Democrats- how you can be against the American worker is beyond me. For the next year and a half you’re going to be playing defense. You are a leach and you are a sonofabitch.”

I’m curious why the LA Times didn’t pick up that last quote.


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