Rob Black to Steve Hirsch: You’re The Worst Kind of Jew; You’re a Profiteer; You’re Oskar Schindler

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Rob Black on Monday described that before he showers, he starts his day medicating and defecating then looking at the industry dirt sheets beginning with AdultFYI, Mike South, AVN and XBiz, in that order.

“XBiz is fun because I like Dan [Miller] and the guys over there,” said Black. “The workers don’t have an agenda.

“They don’t have four corners,” said Black, a slap at Steve Javors and Peter Warren who fraternize and party with porn stars.

“XBiz makes no pretense of being journalists except being a big slob of advertising shit. They do everything AVN should do. And they’ve got a ton of fucking money.

“Their business is the toy market so who gives a shit about video? They’re just press releases. AVN will throw in editorial shit where you’ll laugh.”

A story caught his eye which Black calls the 78,000 pound gorilla. The Farrah Abraham-Vivid story on TMZ.

Black called bullshit on the entire TMZ story since it was Vivid that orchestrated the whole deal to begin with.

“This is 8 billion pounds of bullshit,” said Black saying Abraham isn’t getting a million bucks.

“But this is a better story- the one I like.”

AVN, according to Black, did a spin of the story and Black said he knew the guy who was supplying Percocet “junkie” pills to Hirsch, hence, Black read the Hirsch quotes in the Hirsch helium voice describing Abraham like a young Kim Kardashian.

“I don’t know where to begin with junkie boys press release,” said Black.

“I think he bankrolls TMZ. I was told TMZ was housed in the Vivid building.” [As is LA Direct.]

Black said Abraham’s no different than any of the girls “Zoltar Hay” and Spiegler are pimping out on a regular basis. What bothers him said Black is that Abraham was farmed into becoming a porn star from her rehab days with Dr. Drew, another supposed business partner of Hirsch’s.

“We’ve already established that Steve Hirsch is an alleged junkie fuck who abandoned his child.”

“TMZ is reporting this bitch is banking a million bucks which means that Steve Hirsch wrote a check for one million dollars. We’re talking about Aids Healthcare outspending us. How about Steve Hirsch kicks in two hundred grand. Oh, they’re doing the lawyers. But he wrote a check for one million dollars. The 1%-er.

“We’ve been talking about a power player stepping up and creating something for the workers, that there’s no money and here’s a guy who wrote a check for one million dollars?

“Hirsh paid Farrah Abraham- the white trash- one million cash, but he can’t create a fund, or something for the talent and their safety?”

Black said Hirsch is THE guy of the industry. “When you talk about porn he’s talked about as this guy who created this world of acceptability.”

“Steve Hirsch, what have you done for this business except being a profiteer? You’ve done nothing for this business except pay this trashy whore one million dollars?”

“You see our entire business and what it’s going through- the assaults on every front, the talent pool- the people your’re supposed to be giving a shit about. You are basically Steve Jobs, basically somebody that’s in charge of a business that employes 2,000. You’re the guy that’s on TV and speaks for the business.

“You’re the main guy. You’re the guy who employs TMZ when you fart at night. They write the most ludicrous stuff about you. They ignore truth whatsoever.”

But he gave not one fucking dime to Measure B, Black pointed out, noting that Hirsch’s cop out was the Measure B lawsuit.

“You guys live in the Vivid bubble. You either are so goddamn arrogant living in this bubble that nothing I say anyone will listen because I’m nuts or you live in this Vivid bubble and nothing gets in and out except Vivid bullshit.”

“You are a war criminal. I can’t say any more. You’re basically a war criminal. You sit there and you profit off the backs, off the hearts, souls and minds of the business, the young girls, every facet from Direct Models to being in your building, you are World War II.

“Steven Hirsch is the worst type of human being. He is a fellow Jew who watches his fellow Jews being marched into the death camps so he can make a dollar while his family profiteers. He marches hundreds and hundreds of talent into the death camps.”

Black has likened the business becoming The Gestapo, noting that Weinstein will go to every state and hound the porn industry no matter where it winds up.

“This is a blitzkrieg, and there’s nowhere to run. Steve Hirsch you sit there just like World War II. You’ve seen Schindler’s List, right? Steve Hirsch just paid a million dollars cash for a movie they all shot and tried to perpetrate a lie that it was a stolen sex tape.

“He’s sitting on a library of probably about 10,000 non-condom movies. He’s buying up content left and right for $75 to $100 a movie for exclusive rights on the Vivid network. Steve Hirsch is sitting on this library and buying movies from people who are broke.”

Black said he knows the third party Hirsch is buying the movies from.

“Steven Hirsch is sitting there paying one million dollars cash to Farrah Abraham and we have people this business that don’t have health care or jobs, some of the girls have cancer; some of the girls have syphilis from Mr. Marcus who Steven Hirsch wants to employ. Think about it.”

Black said the list goes on of people Hirsch fucks on a regular basis.

“Do you think Steven Hirsch gives a fuck what happens to us?” said Black.

“What does he give a fuck about condoms. He’ll buy scenes. What does he care. This is some serious Schindler’s List, man. This is Oskar Schindler without a conscience. He doesn’t have an ounce of good in his fucking soul. You could give two shits about condoms. Remember when you used to be for condoms? You’re for the war or against the war, which is it. You are the worst piece of shit in the world. World War II, Schindler’s List, a million dollars.

“Can you imagine what we could have done with a half of that?” Black said it could have been start up cash for a new structure to replace Free Speech and restructure the business.

“Instead of people praising you for making Kim Kardashian, a piece of human garbage, famous?”

Black kept driving home the point that half a million bucks could have made Hirsch a hero.

“You have talent in the business running around hooking left and right; guys like Marcus, your buddy said they faked their tests because they’re broke. The most famous porn star in the world did what he did based on finances. There ya go.

“We don’t have to reiterate the huge amount of trouble Marcus caused and it was all based on money and you paid million to Farrah Abraham. You are the worst kind of Jew. You’re a fucking profiteer.

“I hope the people of this fucking business, I hope they storm that Vivid building one day. I hope the people that you destroyed lynches you up. The 99% of this business will storm that castle like they did to Hitler. You are a piece of human garbage. You are the worst piece of shit in the world. We are coming for you, motherfucker.”

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