Rob Black: Who Cares About Brett Rossi? for hating Manwin Mike South is infatuated with them

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Assessing the events of Friday in which Judge Dean Pregerson ruled that condoms were the law of the land in the porn business, Rob Black had this to say:

“We have been led to slaughter by Diane Duke, Steve Hirsch, Mike South, Manwin- they took this business to slaughter,” said Black.

“The only option was destroying the business and getting rid of the old regime. That’s what we talked about four months ago.”

Black believes the wheels are in motion for an ultimate UAWA, take over.

“We have an issue right now, and I’m trying to fathom exactly where everyone’s head’s at,” Black continued.

“I understand that we no longer have any responsible party talking about this business other than what I’ve been saying on the radio. We had a huge decision [Friday] and when I go to all these porn sites I’m overwhelmed by all I see. You go on all the adult sites- the people that are supposed to be the voice, you see massive affronts- they’re saying there’s nothing wrong in the world of porn and everything’s cool.

“You go to Mike South’s site. We’ve been debating this [condom] issue for months and he has a huge story from Kayden Kross. He’s got more commentary about Derek Hay than an insight into the condom ruling. As a spokesman he proceeds to lie.

“The new gimmick used is to lie and sweep the issue under the rug and say everything’s cool- don’t worry guys and Vivid won this round. [Michael Weinstein also addressed this very topic: ]

“You cannot trust or believe any of the people in the business,” Black said.

“They’re setting you up. Mike South gives not a shit about anybody except to promote a girl [Brett Rossi] no one ever heard about. I’ve never seen anybody give this much attention to somebody he supposedly hates [namely Manwin]. He’s the guy that gives more attention to people he hates than I’ve ever heard.

“This I don’t get. Maybe I’m wrong, but I have not seen anywhere on AVN or the XBiz website where Brett Rossi is talked about. Mike South is basically promoting Brett Rossi. What’s he scooping? The evil Manwin company is hiring girls? He’s paid as a shill and you people are gullible.

“You go to XBiz and won’t find anything said about her. Maybe this is only scoop Mike South has. He’ll tell you he has scoops that are unbelievable and he’s the greatest site in the world. Nobody out there in the stratosphere knows about this happening until Mike South puts this on his website.

“If you go anywhere, nobody’s talking about it. He’s scooping for a company that’s the evil predator of the business. There’s your voice of the business.

“There’s your LATATA supporter. He’s been telling you for years- Manwin, Manwin, Manwin. Kayden Kross has been hand-in-hand with Manwin. Nobody gives a shit about Brett Rossi and all this does is give publicity to Manwin. It’s not found anywhere except Mike South. Really? You’re all going to believe that Mike South isn’t in bed with Manwin?

“And XBiz is nothing more than one giant press release. Everything is a press release. Not one original story, not one thing that makes anybody go there and take a look. I’m amazed. We had one of the biggest decisions to come out on pornography and not one of the sites are talking about it.

“Why the fuck do you advertise with XBiz?” Black asked.

“I don’t get any of this. Why does anyone advertise with a press release website? Go advertise with RogReviews. It’s no different.”

Black said much of the content on the XBiz site has been up three for at least three weeks.

“Are you guys serious? I’m completely baffled. I really am. Then you go over to AVN and what do you have? Are you serious? More press releases for a non-profit trade organization. Remember that bowling event? Now there are non profit trade organizations. What a joke. AVN- the big heart of the business. Press releases. If we wanted to help pimps, crooks and criminals destroy the business we can also put up press releases.

“We’re in La La Land. It’s horrible. This is what the business is. This is the industry website. I want you guys to see this has now become nothing more than a press release website. If you don’t think after the next Expo AVN is done you’re sadly mistaken. Mike South shills for Manwin without telling you.

Black read press release after press release from AVNB and XBiz.

“I could set up a site tomorrow that does noting but run websites. Our industry bible is nothing but garbage and takes money out of your pocket. Nothing more, nothing less.

“They tell you lies, that the business is safe. ‘Don’t worry about the condom laws.’ I don’t understand why AVN, XBiz and Mike South are doing what they’re doing. I give you useless garbage which is AVN, XBiz and Mike South.

“If that is what you want, and people telling you what we should be thinking and feeling- ‘don’t worry everything’s cool.’ These are our voices. It’s a mish mash of garbage. Basically AVN and XBiz are running the exact same press releases. This is the vision of the future. Nothing but garbage.

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