Rob Spallone’s Buddy Jordan Belfort to Be the Subject of a Movie Starring Leonardo DiCaprio

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Leonardo Di Caprio has played J. Edgar Hoover and Howard Hughes, so why not stock broker Jordan Belfort. Before he became a multi-zillionaire, Belfort who used to sell “ices” on Long Island beaches with Rob Spallone was incarcerated by the Feds for offenses related to stock market manipulation.

Belfort has already been the subject of one film, The Boiler Room, then he wrote a couple of books one titled The Wolf of Wall Street- a very extravagant and funny look at his dealings with the Feds. Not to mention his ex-wife.

from – Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey got up close and personal with several naked brunette strippers while shooting a spicy scene for their upcoming flick “The Wolf of Wall Street,” in which the stars play high-powered stockbrokers.

Director Martin Scorsese decked out the soon-to-be-open drag bar Lucky Cheng’s, on West 52nd Street, to look like a strip joint, taking over the space for four hours of filming.

“The girls were rubbing their breasts in Leo’s face,” says a source.

“There were five or six of them, but he seemed very professional and looked great in an ’80s-style suit. They did five or six takes, more or less the same scene over and over, with girls dancing and rubbing on him.”

At one point in the scene, a few of the strippers were fully naked, according to our source, who noted that between takes the women covered themselves with towels. DiCaprio, who’s dating supermodel Erin Heatherton, took breaks in Scorsese’s trailer parked outside.

from – Audiences are about to get up close and personal with Leonardo DiCaprio.

The 37-year-old actor will reportedly “bare it all” in Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street,” which will follow the rise and fall of hard-partying stockbroker Jordan Belfort, who spent two-years in prison for white collar crimes.

The New York Daily News reports that DiCaprio will take it all off for the cameras, and a source revealed “there will be some pretty illicit sex scenes coming up. It involves four guys and two girls.”

The film is also intent on graphically depicting Belfort’s drug addiction, with cocaine and Quaaludes playing a big role in the movie — and the actors are expected to make it look as realistic as possible. “They are asking the actors to get comfortable with snorting baby laxative. They all have to indulge heavily in cocaine,” explained the source.

The movie began filming in New York City this past weekend and DiCaprio and co-star Jonah Hill were spotted getting into character by doing some research at Bank of America Merrill Lynch offices at One Bryant Park on Tuesday.

A source at the bank revealed that DiCaprio spent the morning following an employee of the investment bank, while Hill spent his time with someone who works in derivatives.

The film won’t be the first time DiCaprio has appeared nude on screen. The actor previously appeared nude in 2008’s “Revolutionary Road,” directed by his co-star Kate Winslet’s then-husband Sam Mendes. In 2010 he told Esquire that he didn’t feel weird about the scene because he already knew Kate before she met Mendes.

“So on the outside, it may seem strange to do a sex scene with a woman while her husband is directing. But it didn’t feel that way to me,” he explained to the magazine. “When the scene was about to start, Kate said, in front of the crew, ‘Wait, wait, this is totally weird.’ She turned to both Sam and I and said, ‘Are you guys okay?’ We both looked at each other and said, ‘Yeah, we’re totally fine.’ She said, ‘It’s even weirder that you’re both totally fine.'”


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