Roxxxy the Robot: A wrong-way direction in social change? See the Clip

from – In what’s sure to be viewed as a wrong-way direction in social change, “Roxxxy” the robot lifesized girlfriend was introduced at AEE 2010, the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. Roxxxy robot lifesized girlfriend is a anatomically correct facsimile of a woman dressed for sex, and with “servos” and other electronics to make it seem, well, real. It’s maker calls it the first “sex robot.”

Violet Blue, where are you?

Roxxxy robot lifesized girlfriend was created by former Bell Labs employee Douglas Hines, who’s overweight, balding, bespectacled look fits the perfect image of a guy who would make such a thing.

Douglas Hines says that he developed Roxxxy robot lifesized girlfriend after losing a friend in the 9-11 terrorist attack. Just who that friend is, Douglas Hines does not say, leaving one to wonder if he just spent too much money at strip clubs.

Roxxxy robot lifesized girlfriend is designed to respond to touch: a grab of her wrist causes her to “say” something depending on the personality type that’s installed. The whole thought bring the question of how Douglas Hines actually tested the product.

Roxxxy robot lifesized girlfriend is the first in what is going to be a line of products by “True Companion”, including, for women, a male version called Rocky. But why make this, really, is anyone’s guess.

What is disturbing is that in the video the Roxxxy sex robot just sits there in an open position. It does nothing and would seem to be the perfect image of what Douglas Hines wants his women to do: nothing and just lay there. Be, well, submissive. In the video, this blogger was longing to see Roxxxy robot slap the crap out of Douglas Hines, but he didn’t program it to do that. But perhaps you can because Hines says you can “create your dream personality” to have.

But if it’s 2010 and we have Roxxxy sex robot lifesized girlfriend, what will 2020 bring? What this shows is technology replacing the need for human contact in everything from phones where people send texts, to invisible online commenters on forums, to this. Perhaps one good thing is that men who elect to go in this direction tske themselves out of the pool of us who love the real thing.

Stay tuned.

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