Sara Jay and Angelina Castro Resolve Miami Heat Dispute With NBA; Both Stars Invited to Appear on Russell Brand’s New Television Show

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Miami based pornstars Sara Jay & Angelina Castro are happy to announce that they have resolved their pending legal dispute with the National Basketball Association (“NBA”) over a planned ‘BJ for Followers’ Event.

The two popular stars pledged on twitter to give all of their followers a BJ if the Miami Heat won the NBA title, using the hashtag #TeamBJNBA.

After the Heat won, Sara Jay & Angelina Castro vowed to honor the twitter pledge, setting up the website “” (with details of the event to take place at popular swingers club Miami Velvet on August 2).

Jay & Castro came under fire from the NBA because of the reference to ‘NBA’ in the url & the use of a photoshopped picture featuring several of the Heat players.

The matter has been resolved with Sara Jay & Angelina Castro transferring ownership of the url ‘’ to the NBA. The NBA agreed it is not trying to stop the BJ Celebration from taking place as long as it’s name & marks are not used.

A new website has been set up called with information for followers about the event. The pair are now tweeting using the hashtag #TeamBJ. The NBA had come under fire from a number of sports writers who dubbed the #TeamBJ Event ‘the most important basketball event of the summer’.

Sara Jay comments: “I am glad the NBA & David Stern are not trying to stop our twitter fans from getting the promised BJ’s. The City of Miami & twitterverse might never forgive him.

“I have no idea how many people will show up. If it’s 1, 1000, or 100,000, we made a promise & are going to put our mouths behind our twitter pledge. I don’t know why the NBA wants ownership of – maybe they have something planned for next year… lol.”

Angelina Castro adds: “I still love the NBA so I want to keep them happy. So everyone is clear… our twitter blowjob event is NOT sanctioned by the NBA….. so there’s no instant replay, you can double dribble & you can take it hard to the hole.”

Sara Jay has over 239,000 followers ( & Angelina Castro has over 109,000 followers (… and counting.

The unofficial record for oral sex in a day is believed to be 249, held by Summer Nyte at an event hosted by Ron Jeremy in 2005.

In addition to the event on August 2, there is going to be a #TeamBJ Afterparty on August 3, 2012 at Miami Velvet. Sara Jay is scheduled to appear at Exxxotica Chicago this weekend, July 13-15. Both girls are also attending Adultcon, Los Angeles July 27-29 at Vicky Vette’s VNA Network Booth.

Publicity is showing no signs of slowing down. Sara Jay & Angelina Castro have been invited to shoot an appearance this weekend for popular comedian Russell Brand’s new television show ‘Brand X’ on the FX Network.

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