Sasha Grey: “Porn is Like The Music Industry It’s Fucked Now”

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Good to know some things haven’t changed. When she was sucking cock in the porn industry, our favorite dilettante Sasha Grey erred on the side of the pretentious. And now as a musician she still does, and an article written about her at even more so.

“Porn stars have generally left music feeling a bit dirty and used,” observes the piece.

“Most often, as in the case of Andrea True or Traci Lords, they are reduced to pouting ciphers on dance tracks, while the less said about Pop You in the Pooper by Jeff Stryker, the better.”

We take umbrage. Next to The Beatles’ I Want To Hold Your Hand, Pop You in the Pooper is our favorite mood setter.

Gag me with an adjective, the Grey piece really gets down to business when it talks about how her band, aTelecine, played its first ever live show at the recent Unsound festival in Poland and “set up an eerie sound world accompanied by visuals of a forest turning darkly psychedelic.”

One almost envisions Bambi being eaten alive by the Big Bad Wolf.

“Like a lot of their music, it oscillated between powerfully affecting and maddeningly undercooked…” continues the piece.

So much for sucking cock…

“We’ve never had a process,” explains Grey.

“We never looked at ourselves as a traditional band; we record when we can. One night it might be standing in front of a mic with no lights on, in a hallway, and someone just says Falcon. Quick, sing!'”

I say, Falcon, shoot me in the head.

According to the article, Grey’s band has traversed “through musique concrète, noise and found sounds towards something approaching traditional songs.”

Obviously, doo-wop is not in their repertoire.

“We’re figuring out how to make melody work and be comfortable with it, rather than intimidated by it,” says Grey.

The irrepressible Grey now compares her past porn scenes as “performance art pieces”- I kid you not.

“That’s how I approached every scene I did,” she says.

“Obviously that’s not always translated to people watching it in five-second clips. So it would have been a way to really grab the focus of the audience. But ultimately we felt it would have been cheaper if we’d approached it that way, because it would have been expected.”

All along I just thought she was sucking cock, and I would be wrong, and this article sets me straight by noting that Grey’s porn scenes “feature eye-watering self-penned dialogue, a way of asserting herself when directors would try to mould her into generic porn archetypes, such as slutty schoolgirls or babysitters.”

“People can dress you the way they want,” she continues.

“They can do your makeup the way they want, but they can never take away your voice.

“There were times I had to fight against it – people wanted me to shut up, and just put a pretty smile on, and I’m not going to do that. I would literally come planned with ideas of things to say. It’s a hyper me though – I’m not that loud and obnoxious all the time. I don’t write dialogue when I’m in my own intimate situations.”

Grey, notes the article, has now left porn behind because she wanted to quit in her prime.

Grey admits that her timing was good in an industry under siege to piracy and falling budgets:

“It’s just like the music industry – it’s fucked now, no pun intended. It’s the wild west.”

At the same time, “it’s become an American dream – for a lot of girls, it’s their day job, or night job, to pay their bills and get to college.”

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