Saturday, March 9th, Dylan Ryan will be teaching Stripping and Lap dancing 101 at the S.F. Armory.

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from – You likely know Dylan Ryan from a number of our sites, including her role as a slave on The Upper Floor. In addition to being gorgeous, she has a commanding and fearless presence. She has used her experience, talents, and serious smarts as a sex educator for the past 10 years. We are incredibly excited see this side of Dylan as a part of the workshop program.

This Saturday, March 9th, Dylan will be teaching Stripping and Lap dancing 101 here at the S.F. Armory. We asked Dylan a few questions about how the class came about and what attendees should expect. Be sure to join us for what promises to be a ridiculously sexy and fun afternoon.

Behind Kink: How did you decide to offer a Stripping/Lap dancing class?

Dylan Ryan: I love stripping! I find that the art of dance translates particularly well to the erotic and can be a powerful tool of seduction for women to use when they are communicating and looking to heighten the romance and steaminess in their relationships. I believe that every woman has a vixen inside her and that everyone has the rhythm and potential to connect with that sexuality through dance and movement.

Behind Kink: What is your dance experience?

Dylan Ryan: I was a professional dancer for 15 years, focusing primarily on ballet and modern dance and then partnered dance styles.dylanryan As I got older, I found that I could make money as a dancer and was able to channel my skills into the erotic. It was a very powerful realization for me, and one that I wanted to teach to others. Though I do not strip in a club currently, I do go-go dance and practice dancing for my partner as a seduction tool as often as I can.

Behind Kink: What should guests expect from the class?

Dylan Ryan: The class will be super lighthearted and unintimidating. I really strive to help people feel comfortable in their bodies and find their unique seduction style. Every woman is different and over the course of the class, we will discover just how movement, eye contact, expressions and sensuality combine to bring out the sex appeal and confidence out of each person. We will run through a few movement activities, I’ll demonstrate some basics and we will learn a routine that the ladies can take home to the lucky recipient of their hotness.

Behind Kink: Should they bring or wear anything special?

Dylan Ryan: They should bring a piece or two of clothing that they want to learn to strip out of. Something they know they want to incorporate into future seductions. They should also bring the shoes they want to practice in should they plan on using shoes.

Behind Kink: Do you have a favorite dancer/performer?

Dylan Ryan: Belladonna is an incredible erotic dancer and she is a great one to emulate in her movements and confidence!

Don’t miss sexy Dylan Ryan work that pole!

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