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From the Rail to the Web, invites you to get really close to your favorite performers in ways that were never possible before. is a social network site designed to allow performers to be able to directly communicate one-on-one with their fans. According to Forrest Austin, Marketing Manger and Content development specialist, “[i]n 2007, we (members of the team} went to Deja Vu Showgirls in Las Vegas and had such a fabulous time with our favorite performers. The next day we went back and they were gone. That got us thinking: is there any type of system where we can find out where or when my favorite performers are scheduled to dance?”

We spent the next 6 months researching if there was such a system, realized there was none, and thus decided to design a system that is very straightforward, user friendly, and simple to navigate. Say hello to provides in-house performers the opportunity to discretely communicate directly with preferred customers in a protected, safe, intimate environment. For more established adult entertainers, such as porn star Monique Alexander, it provides a unique social network designed to further expose and/or introduce themselves to fans who crave seeing their favorite porn stars live, in their face.

For feature entertainers who are primarily magazine models, internet starlets or perhaps a specialty act who does not garner the attention or exposure that a porn star does, will prove to be an invaluable career asset in that it gives them the opportunity to introduce themselves to millions and millions of new fans who specifically crave one-on-one entertainment.

With, in-house performers can schedule public or personal chat sessions and notify preferred customers of changes in their schedules anytime, without the risk of revealing any personal information.

For porn stars and feature entertainers, allows them to create a unique, club-like environment on their personalized profile page that enables them to showcase all aspects of their live show. Add hot photos, sizzling on-stage video clips and much more to provide fans with unique and intimate methods of contact above and beyond anything they’ll find on places like Myspace or Facebook. While Twitter limits the length of your message and restricts the type of image that can be posted, on, the entertainers will be able to choose their own restrictions.

Additional highlights include a special news section that informs, educates and introduces news performers and feature acts, and advises them on changes in legal areas of their careers, both on a local and national level.

Stop by the exhibit in Las Vegas at the upcoming 2010 AEE Show, booth #4062.

Introducing a new and innovative way for preferred customers and loyal fans to get in direct contact with their favorite adult feature entertainers or local in-house performers. invites preferred customers to see exclusive sexy pictures and unique video clips of their favorite local in-house performers and provide them with work schedules and direct discreet access to preferred clientele with the click of a button.

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