Scores Sexual Harassment Suit

(New York, NY) – A former Scores exotic dancer claims managers of the mammary mecca gave her a financial cold shoulder when she didn’t lap up their sexual advances.

In a suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, busty raven-haired Saroja Murphy accuses her ex-bosses at the East Side flesh palace of constant sexual harassment.

“I never encountered anything like this anywhere else. I’ve always been treated like a lady,” said Murphy, now a go-go dancer in a Jersey bikini bar. “I never expected it at what is supposed to be the classiest gentlemen’s club in the country.”

Murphy, 28, says her Scores supervisors demanded sex, groped, grabbed and fondled her, propositioned her, invited her to have sex and insisted she date them.

According to the suit, “Supervisors and managers constantly demanded to know . . . which sexual positions she preferred . . . whether she engaged in affairs or cheated on her fiancé, her willingness to engage in sexual acts with multiple partners and other offensive” details.

One boss even exposed himself while asking for a date, she said.

When the wannabe actress rebuffed them, she claims, her bosses cut her earnings potential by humiliating her in front of customers and barring her from the “VIP Room,” where it’s $400 and up for a lap dance.

“Before the sexual harassment, I earned as much as $1,000 to $1,700 per night. But after I refused to go out with or have sex with the managers, I earned as little as $100,” she claims.



Ok, so these scum bags were tryin’ to get a little nookie. That sucks. I don’t endorse any repeated unwanted attempts at ‘scoring’.

She says they took away her opportunities to make the big money in the VIP room and other incentives when she didn’t accept their advances. Another point that sucks.

My question though is, if this was going on for some time, and the harassment was so bad, why did she wait until she was losing money to file? If she was still getting the extra cash, do you think she would’ve filed the suit at all? No way. I’ll be quite honest with you, seeing that photo, she’s lucky she held a job at Scores.

Don’t get me wrong, she has a definite reason to sue them and should win, if her allegations are true. But, the problem here, and the reason the harassment laws are so often abused, is she didn’t file when actual harassment began. She waited until it affected her pocket book.

Do you know how many strip club clients ask her about her sexual positions, turn ons, grab cheap feels and offer extra money for extra action? According to random stripper interviews, nearly 70% of patrons do at clubs nationwide.

Touching by employers, no excuse for it, but I say behavior like that needs to be reported when it happens, not when the reasons for the claims are suspect.

Sexual Harassment, is repeated advances or incidents of an un-welcomed nature. Unfortunately in this country, people win those cases after ONE incident. The word harassment alone means ‘To irritate or torment persistently’. I don’t understand why employees win cases after ONE bad judgment call by a male co-worker. But, it happens.

I have my hands on women every night. It’s part of my show on But, it is definitely something to be fearful of in the future for anyone in the sex business. A porn girl on a set, can probably sue a director if he adjusts the hair off her breast, just to get a better shot for the camera. I hope things don’t go there, but mark my words, they can.


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