Scotty Schwartz’ Memories of Erica Boyer

If the name Scotty Schwartz doesn’t ring a familiar note, check out the movie A Christmas Story- he’s the kid whose tongue gets stuck to a frozen pole…

He writes me: Gene, As I sit here today, I am completely devastated. I still read your site a few times a week but today became a truly sad day.

Hearing about the passing of Amanda Jensen aka Erica Boyer is just beyond belief. As you know, but I’m sure most of your “newer” readers don’t know me, I was around in the era of Erica/Amanda, the late 80’s thru the 90’s.., Amanda and I were very good friends.

For a few years back in the late 1980’s-early 90’s, she lived out in Agoura Hills.. not only did my brother and I both watch her cats when she left town but she would come over to my parents place to have dinner, she was like one of the family & she was one sweet woman.

I even roadied for her a few times back then … Anyone who knew her always had good things to say about her, she was not only a Hall of Famer in the industry, but she was a Terrific person ! Getting phone calls from Amanda were always filled with joy and laughter, her smile lit up a room.

When Amanda left the industry, she really left most everyone behind … about a year or so after she left I got a christmas card of her with her new family, her husband, and young son Davis. She was so happy to move on the next chapter of her life. Then for about a decade we didn’t speak … sometimes friends move, families and lives keep us so busy we just lose touch …

All of that changed ONLY a month ago … I was in her old hometown of Arlington, TX mid-December and I decided to see if I could find her again… I did a people search on the internet and don’t you know, a phone # came up in Florida … I called and it was HER on the answering machine.
I left a message and within an hour she called me back…

Amanda and I hadn’t spoken in over a decade and it was like we picked up where we left off.. she and I spoke about our family’s, she told me about her beautiful home in Florida, it was on the beach and she was excited that we had reconnected and couldn’t wait to introduce me to her husband Derrick and son Davis. She wanted me to come see her in February after the super bowl as that’s when Derrick would be home.

I had missed my old friend and my old friend missed me, it was so wonderful & heartwarming. She spoke about a photo album she still had from her days in the industry and how saddened she was that some of them had passed on at such an early age …how weird this all has become now!

Amanda spoke about life in Florida as busy, she was volunteering at some old folks home, a kids hospital where she dressed up like a clown, and other things… she really loved doing so much for so many people who weren’t as fortunate as she was.

TODAY is truly one of the saddest days of my life, I already missed my friend once and now I can’t get to say hello to her again. To all those who have been around since “back in the day” and knew Amanda, say a prayer, the world has lost a good, kind, loving, caring person.

With all the love and care in the world Amanda, I will always cherish our friendship and I will always have a special place in my heart for you.
Once again, I miss U.

Sincerely, Scotty Schwartz

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