Sean Adds His Two Cents to the Samantha Saint Story; She’s a Moron

Sean writes: Samantha Saint is another moron.

This is a prime example of why Rob Black’s UAWA, organization should be taken seriously.

From AVN: ‘In light of her suspicion that Nanula was not the professional performer…’

Who is kidding who? She had no clue who this clown was. Yet he showed her documentation so she went ahead with the scene. That means any civilian can pull the same stunt with a porn performer. So much for industry safety.

Then Saint puts her legal team on the case. According to the AVN story: ‘Saint said she dispatched her attorney and ATMLA’s then owner Shy Love to “follow it to make sure that it was indeed posted on [St. Clair’s] site for content. Otherwise, we would have to take legal action. And it did go up on her site.”

Legal action for what? Saint signed the model release and was paid wasn’t she? So what if it was shot for private use she was still compensated.

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