Sean Awards the Stories of the Week and Thanks Two of AdultFYI’s Loyal Readers

Sean writes – We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

The Let Octomom Be My Career Guide award winner is Farrah Abraham.

Everyone loves to watch a train wreck and we’re witnessing one now.

It’s been another whirlwind week for the adult industry’s latest celebrity embarrassment.

Last Sunday the media blitz started with a photo of Abraham purchasing an over the counter pregnancy test. In the accompanying story she claimed she was concerned that James Deen knocked her up during the production of her sham anal video.

As the week progressed the hype machine for Abraham kicked into high gear as other articles written about her centered on her touring a $3 million house that is up for sale and how she wants to be a role model for other single mothers. Please.

Then later in the week Abraham’s summer tour schedule was released highlighting such exotic stops such as New Jersey and Hollywood…Florida. Making up to $10,000 a stop she’ll earn those paydays being a pole dance judge and just hanging out at parties. Wow, soon she’ll be the main event in a celebrity boxing tournament. The possibilities are endless.

One thing that will soon come to an end is her career. I suspect by August she will have fired her manager and will be ripping the porn industry for taking advantage of her. It’s coming, you’ll see. It’s just part of the process…a very sad process at that.

Special thanks goes out to Christian XXX @christianxxx1who Tweeted this week: “Allow me to double the readers of @Adultfyi1”

You’re too kind Christian XXX….we couldn’t do it without the help from loyal readers like yourself. #CockInYourEye

The Fan of the Week award goes to AVN’s Doberman reporter, Mark Kernes.

Adultfyi’s #1 fan twittered this week: “Can’t wait to see what the Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity of XXX have to say today! (I won’t read it but I’m sure people will tell me.)”

He is of course giving a backhanded jab at Rob Black and Gene’s coverage of Rob’s internet radio show. In doing so, however, Doberman reveals what a poor reporter he truly is.

Black’s show makes news every day. Doberman calls himself a newsman? He should be covering this news story. Yet I guess Black’s show is too controversial to advertisers and the milquetoast journalists at AVN and XBIZ that they don’t want to upset anyone.

Thanks for reading Adultfyi, Doberman. We feel proud knowing that we can count you and Christian XXX as two of our four loyal readers.

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