Sean Looks at The Week of 07/08/2012: FSC Chieftain Diane Duke, Ericka Icon and Mia Magma Win Big

Sean writes – We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

The Rope-A-Dope award goes to Free Speech Coalition’s current chieftain, Diane Duke.

At Tuesday’s APHSS meeting Big Chief Shovels Bull mentioned TWICE that the FSC is combating AHF and Michael Weinstein on several fronts.

However, when pressed by an audience member all she could say was, “A variety of things that we can’t discuss,” said Big Chief Shovels Bull.

“Things are happening behind the scenes. We’re doing the best we can.”

Chiefy went on to say later, “I’d like to brag about all the stuff we’ve done behind the scenes but I can’t.”

AHF and Weinstein have been beating this industry from pillar to post on all fronts and from what I can tell she can’t brag about anything because NOTHING is being done.

Maybe the grand plan is to hope that Weinstein gets tired of punching and fades away.

That’s not much of a plan.

The DUI Attorney Myles L. Berman award goes to ambulance chasing attorney, Joshua Shelton.

On May 25 Jenna Jameson was popped for DUI after a single-car accident. Little Miss Budweiser blew a .13 and was found to have the prescription drugs Ambien and Suboxone in her body.

Shelton wrote an article this week informing Jenna and other alleged drunks that all is not completely lost when trying to be a DUI rap.

‘If you keep your mouth shut, the cops might not even be able to prove that you were driving the car if they come upon a crash after the fact.

“If law enforcement does not actually witness you operating a vehicle, they will have to rely on the evidence at the scene, as well as your own statements, to decipher who was driving the vehicle,” Shelton explains.

“If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, DO NOT answer any questions posed by law enforcement prior to consulting an attorney.”

Of course, an elevated blood alcohol content and evidence of prescription medication in the system is going to be harder to explain in front of a judge. Jameson’s .13 and the meds could be her downfall.’

That’s some solid advice. I’ll try to remember that the next time I’m acting like a drunken idiot and I find myself behind the wheel.

The Nikki Delano, Hey, Magellan award goes to Ericka Icon.

In a presser announcing Britney Amber’s visit to a strip club in Montana this week, Icon referred to Montana as being part of the Midwest. In another presser about a month ago, Delano as well proclaimed Montana’s Big Sky Country part of the Midwest.

Well, just for future reference, Montana is in the Western United States. If that doesn’t help, try ‘Mountain West.’

Christ, look at a map.

The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat award goes to German porn star, Mia Magma.

Mia Magma was queen of the hill at the 4th annual Naked Sledging World Cup, held in the Lower Saxony ski-resort town of Braunlage. Besides this, the freezing ambiance also supported the naked sledging enthusiasts who dip themselves down the snowcapped slopes in this naked sledging game.

According to a website, Organizers said the stunning 25-year-old was “too naked and too fast for everyone else” as she conquered the 291-foot course in temperatures just above zero.

The lewd lugers were allowed only a helmet, shoes, gloves and tight underpants to conquer the bitter cold, reported a website.

Mia and Bernd Malyska took top honors from a field of 30, in front of 25,000 spectators in the winter sports resort of Braunlage, Germany, reported a website.

Since its summer in Germany, news apparently travels slowly out of the Fatherland because this event actually took place back in February. Nonetheless, a belated congratulations goes out to Mia.

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