Sean Looks at The Week of 11/22/2009 in Review; Lisa Ann Gets an Award for Her Rob Kardashian Story

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The Dope of the Week Award winner is Pulp Fiction’s Roger Avary. This dope was sentenced to a year in jail for causing a car crash in Ojai that injured his wife and killed a passenger. For some reason he was placed in a work furlough facility instead. Well, a techie from the LA Times noticed this dope was posting on his twitter account and started asking questions like: Why isn’t the dope in jail? It appears members of law enforcement started asking those same questions and as of Thursday night this dope has been incarcerated in the Ventura County Jail.

The Errol Flynn Hero Award goes to the Rolling Stones’ Ron Wood. A story came out this week that the bar in which he met his current girlfriend was raided by police. Law enforcement determined the bar was actually a whorehouse. Never mind that: Wood receives the Hero award because he is 62 years old and he’s laying the wood, so to speak, to his 19 year old girlfriend. I can’t get no satisfaction, but by the smile on Ronnie’s face it certainly appears he is. This just proves once again that money makes women horny.

The Creep of the Week winner is Carrie Prejean’s brother Billy Arnone. After being interviewed about his sister’s sex tapes, this creep finished by saying, “If they were put in front of me, I’d probably watch it.” Jeez, I wonder if he’d also like to watch his parents have sex. Something is definitely wrong with that boy. Enjoy your trophy you little creep.

This week’s Sasha Grey Media Whore Award winner is Lisa Ann. I guess it isn’t enough to have her name mentioned by Saturday Night Live cast member, Tina Fey, in the mainstream press this week.

No, our little media dumpling had to call TMZ with this gem of a story in order to get a little more free press: Lisa Ann, star of 2008’s “Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?” tells TMZ she and Rob [Kardashian], 22, met at an L.A. gym around the time of sister Khloe’s late September wedding. “Rob treats me like his little teacher and we have a fun sexual relationship that is simple and carefree,” she said. It would appear the entire story is bullshit. Kardashian and his people quickly shot down that story and Lisa Ann’s people are not talking.;

The Amy Winehouse Award winner is Tiger Woods. It appears being gassed up on painkillers at 2:30 in the morning is not the right time to start getting the third degree from your wife about extramarital affairs. Tiger may have been giving the wrong answers as he tried to flee his home while his wife was in pursuit with his trusty 9 iron in tow. Reports indicate that while he was making a getaway in the car, the wife was using one of the windows for driving practice, result – Tiger clipped a fire hydrant and hit a tree. I wonder if he yelled “fore” before impact.

The “You’re From Porn? Good Luck” award goes to Scott Janke. Janke was town manager of Fort Myers Beach, Fla., when he married Anabela Mota in October 2008. Mota, whose stage name is Jazella Moore, operates a XXX-Web site and has been featured in several adult movies and most recently in Hustler magazine. Janke was fired in July after word of his bride’s job reached the city council. Since that time he has applied for similar jobs around the United States and most recently was told that he had been eliminated as a finalist for a municipal job in Alaska. So you still think porn is accepted by society and the mainstream press? Thank again, Bunkie.

Belated Birthdays – Shy Love 11/17

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> Angelina Armani Nominated for Best New Starlet? – ‘I get that her boyfriend / suitcase pimp is her manager / PR man and wants to see her get nominated for something but fuck seriously, best NEW starlet? Ummm ok.’ Read the story here:

> Wrongly Accused and Double-Crossed, Former Hot-to-Trot Teach Sues Prosecutor – “It’s our belief that they knew that this was a bad case.” Read the story here:

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> City Spends $500G’s to Shut Down F Street Adult Bookstore; That Was Well Worth the Taxpayers Money – “We didn’t think that type of business was appropriate close to an elementary school.” Read the story here:

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>’s Newest Site to Offer at Least Three Live Shows Per Day by December – Read the hype here:

> Hustler’s Haunting Parody, This Ain’t Ghost Hunters XXX, Streets Today – A little late for Halloween, but what the heck. Read the hype here:

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> On 3 Years Pro, Michelle Braun to Rat Out Playmates in Tell-All; “I’m Like Jesus Only Prettier” – “The girls and the clients were being harassed. I took the bullet for everyone,” she said. I wouldn’t mention the word “bullet” when talking about a tell-all book. Read the story here:

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> Writing for Newsweek, Sasha Grey on “Governor Sanford’s Appalachian Adventure” – ‘Ideally, we should all openly have something extra on the side.’ The words of an assclown. Read the story here:

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> Trannies Using porn films to rob clients – Using pornographic films to distract them. Read the story here:

> S. Australian Premier Mike Rann to challenge sex claims in court – The Premier has denied ever having sex with Ms Chantelois and says they were just friends. Read the story here:

> Cat House Killer Arraigned; Next Court Appearance December 3 – Tyner is being held at the Oklahoma County Jail. Bond was denied. Read the story here:

> Man Charged in Death of 1971 Playboy Playmate Pamela Powers – Police returned and found Christopher Sharpe inside the house, along with Pamela Powers’ badly decomposed body. Read the story here:

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