Sean’s Random Thoughts for the week of 05/26/2013

Sean writes – We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

* I’ll just say it: Justin Bieber in punkie little bitch.

*Apparently it’s finally dawning on Papa Smurf that porn isn’t paying much these days. This week Forbes posted a story that Smurf is looking to expand the Vivid brand into strip clubs.

“We’re always looking to expand our brand,” Hirsch purrs. As far as consumers, he adds, strip clubs and adult movies share “a very similar demographic.”

Oh, so apparently strip club goers don’t like to pay either.

Two Vivid Cabaret strip clubs (“The cabaret stands for higher-end properties,” Hirsch notes) will open this year — one in Los Angeles, slated to open in June not far from LAX, and one in New York City, slated to open by the end of the year in Midtown Manhattan.

* I think it’s finally time for Jenna Jameson to make her triumphant return to porn. Don’t laugh: some of the greatest porn legends of all-time came back for one last go around. Seka, the platinum princess of porn, came back for one last flick and Marilyn Chambers shot two or three flicks for VCA back in the late 1990s.

Jenna’s return makes sense. This industry is in economic ruin and it needs a good kick start which it could get by having its last true superstar return.

What makes this even more possible is that Jenna is a walking train wreck having lost her children in a custody battle with Tito Ortiz so she has plenty of time on her hands. Also, let’s face it, that big Playboy money she received several years ago when Playboy bought out Club Jenna has to be running out.

Jenna has also had to shell out a ton of cash in legal bills over the last couple of years. The car wrecks, battery cases, and being sued for not showing up for personal appearances takes a toll on a person’s bank account. So please, Jenna, come back. Your adoring fans await your return…and you could probably use the cash.

*Alarm bells rang loud and clear in the AdultFYI newsroom when our current favorite media whore, Farrah Abraham, recently spoke about wanting her dream guy to take her on a date to Dubai.

The boys in the newsroom speculated that Abraham couldn’t find Dubai on a map even if it was painted red and had a 4th of July sparkler sticking out of it.

Curiously, Dubai holds a special place in the hearts of many female porn stars looking to boost their frequent flier miles and their incomes by allegedly escorting in that middle-eastern kingdom. Rob Black all but forced Brooklyn Lee into a ‘retirement’ after he brought up her Dubai connection. Will Abraham be escorting there in the near future? Only the Magic 8-ball and her travel agent know for sure.

* This fucking industry can’t even understand the proper way to intimidate someone.

On his Internet radio show this week Rob Black told the story of a meeting Tom Byron had with Chris Mann. Mann mentioned that he was dispatched by Frank Koretsky, Steve Hirsch, John Stagliano and Paul Fishbein to tell Bryon that because of some comments Black made on his show Rob will never be allowed back into the porn industry fold.

If these four individuals wanted to silence Rob Black they should have approached him directly instead of sending Chris ‘Fredo’ Mann to send the message through Tom Byron.

Let’s face it, this industry is so fractured nobody has the pull to blackball anyone. I also suspect that Rob says the things he does on his radio show knowing full well he will never be hired by the people he goes after on his show. He realized there is no loyalty in this industry long ago when he was left hanging when the Feds came crashing down on his head.

Rob Black and others such as Gene Ross will continue to expose the porn industry establishment for what they do. Those four individuals in their own way have done more to destroy this industry than any law enforcement or health agency could imagine.

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