Sharon Mitchell and Marc Wallice Had Unprotected Sex in Elegant Angel’s Angels 2; Did It Result in Other Things?

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Sounds crazy, but from the conclusions I’m drawing, Marc Wallice who already had HIV, could have given Sharon Mitchell the bug when they did their last ever scene together. Mitchell in the book, The Other Side of Hollywood, states that she had unprotected sex with Wallice. She then went into retirement. [Maybe for more reasons than we care to know.]

Toby Dammit writes: “The scene you’re looking for I actually shot it. It was for Elegant’s Angels number two that Elegant Angel put out in 1997. The way it happened was Wallace was editing at Elegant Angel at the time we were shooting the scene in the warehouse.

“I had booked Mitchie to do a scene with the new guy along with Chloe
and John West. The new guy showed up to the set four hours early and was basically jerking off for four hours. We kept telling him to put his dick away and to save it for the scene. And of course when the time came for the scene the guy couldn’t get it up. So we had to send him home with his tail between his legs so to speak.

“And Wallace was editing there so I went to him and ask him if you would step in and do the scene with Mitchie. They both obviously work together many times before and she was fine with that.

“I believe Mitchie did a couple guest appearances on a couple movies after that but I believe that that was the last actual boy girl sex scene that she did. I also think that she shot a blowjob video while AIM was running. But I’m not sure of what the details of that were.

“The warehouse we ship in was the same one that Israel Gonzales had the stand off with police at a few months later. Which was kind of eerie as the scene with Mitchie and Wallace culminated in Deva Station, Randi Rage, and Coral Sands busting in to rescue me from Chloe and Mitchie. And a big ass gun fight ensues. With ended with Marc Wallace dead and John West with a bullet in his head!

Toby Dammit

PS. Could you let your readers also know that Tommy Sinopoli has passed away after a 3 month battle with cancer?

By the way, Mitchell also says in The Other Side of Hollywood book that she never had anal sex.

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