Shawnie Sunshine Looks at The Week of 01/01/2012: Michael Weinstein Wins the Carrie Nation Award

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The You’re Fired! No, I Quit! award goes to Gina Rodriquez and Papa Smurf’s one-time obsession, Nadya ‘Octomom’ Suleman.

On virtually the same day two stories broke. The first story posted by RadarOnline had Octomom claiming that she fired her manager, Gina Rodriguez:

‘I fired my manager today and she’s a little upset so she shut down all my profiles online’

‘I chose not to work with her anymore. New year, new beginning.’

The fine folks at TMZ published a story in which Rodriguez said she dropped Octomom as a client:

“I quit on her because she is unmanageable. She would not reply to anything work-related we would call or text about especially if it was not paid.”

I suspect it may be a little awkward if these two bump into each other at the next Mensa meeting.

The Tootsie award goes to Hollywood big shot David O. Russell and his transgender relative, Nicholas [Nicole] Peloquin.

In another he said/she said story Peloquin told police that Russell offered “to help…with ab exercises” which led to an unwanted tittie squeeze.

Russell told police that Peloquin allowed him “to feel both of his breasts.”

Russell continued to tell police that Peloquin is “always causing drama since the transgender transformation and has become very provocative and seductive.”

The December 30 incident, reported as a simple battery by Peloquin, did not result in any arrests.

The Carrie Nation award goes to Michael Weinstein and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

These crackpots already placed a measure on the June city ballot requiring performers to use condoms on Los Angeles porn sets, then they launched another ballot initiative Tuesday that would order adult film producers to obtain a county public health permit.

Under the county initiative, adult film producers would file health permits and pay a fee set by the health department that would pay for inspections and enforcement.

Weinstein said he and his supporters are confident they could collect the 200,000 signatures required to place the health permit initiative on the November ballot.

The Mess with the Bull You’ll Get the Horns award goes to Jimmy Flynt.

This week a court in Cincinnati said that Larry Flynt can seize funds from a bank account belonging to his brother under the terms of a permanent injunction in a long-running trademark dispute over the Hustler name.

Jimmy Flynt opened Hustler Cincinnati in 2000 but did not pay for the privilege of using the name made famous by his brother’s magazine.

After Larry Flynt sued to cancel his brother’s use of the mark, U.S. District Judge William Bertelsman ruled in October 2011 that Larry could collect licensing fees from Jimmy for the trademarks used at the downtown Cincinnati store.

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