Sinister X Syndicate Announces an alliance and partnership with PWNEDbyGirls

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Always on the cutting edge of what’s cool in pop culture and entertainment, Sinister X has formed a systematic partnership that solidifies his Syndicate’s strategic placement in the line straddling mainstream/porno marketplace.

In a move of magical metamorphosis, the Extreme Entertainment Network evolves from a porn channel to a must have media and entertainment hub, as Sinister X Syndicate is proud to announce an alliance and partnership with PWNEDbyGirls, the sexiest site for gamers, for a special one hour weekly show on the new Extreme Entertainment Network (XentNet).

PWNEDbyGirls is a live, interactive gaming show that features adult stars playing their favorite games, as Head Gamer Girls Alana Evans [pictured] and Missy Martinez also offer reviews, stories, cosplay and more. Sinister X feels adding a show like this to the network will help him reach a wider audience, and he has had a long term working relationship with Evans in the past. After 7-years, the working relationship continues with the format he explains here.

“Comic books, video games, pornography. Things that people love, and things that are part of the Syndicate baby. SXS. We’re making moves, and we’re making things hot. That’s what we do, we make things hot. Alana and Missy have this gamer stuff locked, so i wanted them to be a part of us. These girls know what they’re doing, and working together is going to be great for all of us.”

With creative meetings underway, and the current success of Evans and Martinez’s PWNEDbyGirls, XentNet looks to launch the new weekly show very soon, as the network begins its creation of exclusive weekly original content. Company Head of Sales Dave Peskin gives us a little more insight into the show.

“We are beyond ecstatic to have Alana & Missy bring Pwned By Girls to Extreme Entertainment Network as a weekly one hour show. The show plan layout which includes highlighted games, game reviews, street interviews, live events and special guests is guaranteed to be a network winner. “

The temperature will be rising this week in San Diego as PWNEDbyGirls Head Gamer Girls Alana Evans and Missy Martinez will also be signing with Sinister X Syndicate at booth #5611 & #5612 for the convention’s launch on Wednesday July 11th. Evans feels this is the perfect opportunity to work with Sinister X Syndicate, and the perfect opportunity to interact with fans.

“Missy and I are very excited to be invading Comic Con with Sinister X. This is such a great opportunity for us to really reach out to our gaming fans. Rob and Lizzy have always been amazing people to work with and this is no different. Sinister X is taking over and we are stoked to be a part of it! Since I started PwnedByGirls, I have been waiting for an awesome opportunity like this to come our way. This event is just the beginning of the PwnedByGirls and Sinister X relationship and I am very excited about our future together. We can’t wait to play video games with our Comic Con fans!”

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