Stumped for a Halloween Costume? Try Michael Weinstein

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Every year at this time we’re confronted with the same dilemma: what to go as on Halloween.

The fact that Amber Lynn has been talking about a costume march on AHF headquarters on spooky day gave us an idea. Why not Michael Weinstein?

Weinstein’s a particularly great idea because not only is it topical, but if you’re old enough to remember one of the great Halloween films, Arsenic and Old Lace, Weinstein’s absolutely perfect.

One of the characters in the movie is Raymond Massey who plays the role of the homicidal maniac Jonathan Brewster. As you can see in a comparison pic, with the addition or subtraction of a scar or two you have the option of going as Weinstein or Massey.

Besides, the running gag in that movie is that Massey’s character looks like Boris Karloff. So there you go three for one…Weinstein, Massey or Karloff.

Don’t say this ain’t a great idea.

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