Talent Testing Service, INC. Responds to Recent News of Gonorrhea (GC) H041 Strain

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from www.talenttestingservice.com – Talent Testing Services, Inc. (TTS) announced today that its current testing methodologies for Gonorrhea (GC) detect the new strain referenced to as “H041”.

“Our testing methodologies in place have been developed and cleared to detect these emerging strains.” said Sixto Pacheco, President & CEO of TTS.

“The APTIMA Combo 2 assay for GC and CT targets the ribosomal RNA (rRNA). Antibiotic resistance in GC occurs due to mutations in genes other than those that express rRNA. Because we target the rRNA for detection of GC, which is not affected by the mutations, the APTIMA Combo 2 assay will detect the drug resistant strains of GC.” Pacheco continued.

TTS is at the forefront of testing methodologies due to its strategic partnerships with diagnostic manufacturers. These partnerships permit TTS to work proactively to introduce and maintain the most advanced testing methodologies and provide these to the adult industry.

The forward thinking company has long offered testing for HIV RNA by PCR Methodology, which detects the presence of the virus earlier than all other tests. Testing for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis and others is also available.

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