Tech Hell Gives Bumpy Start to KSEX Evening

WORLD WIDE WEB – The unfortunate part of broadcasting via the internet is dealing with technical issues beyond your control. Unlike conventional broadcasting where satellite transmission and radio waves are usually very reliable, internet broadcasting is a different breed. found that out last night when all hell broke loose at their studios as well as at Tera Patrick’s house, as she performed live from New York City on an evening of web hiccups.

Patrick and hubby Evan Seinfeld seemed to have problems with a temperamental T-1 line that kept chopping their feed in and out from The Big Apple. In Los Angeles, for the first two hours of live broadcast for the evening, KSEX was also experiencing a few brief shut downs based on technical issues in the Southern California area in general. Listeners audio players were shutting down at random moments, chat room participants were kicked out at random and if Program Director, Wankus had hair, he would’ve pulled it all out.

Fortunately by 7:00pm (PST), all issues resolved themselves and the night turned out to be a good one.

“Most people understand,” Wankus said during all the technical mishaps, “but it’s frustrating because coming from a broadcast background, I’m not used to dealing with this shit. Starting shows late, ending them early, breaking in the middle to fix things just drives me nuts!”

As many fans probably do understand, as well as tolerate occasional problems, some members of the adult industry thrive on the failures of others. Such is the case with Den of

Den thinks the world of Felicia Fox and Tim Case on KSEX and always gives them pleasant reviews [well deserved]. Den reviewed Tera Patrick’s Debut Show in July and claimed that it was so bad he’ll never listen again. Based on comments on other websites, further reviews and critique, it seems Den didn’t stay true to those comments and enjoys listening and trashing Ms. Patrick on his review site.

Of all nights Den had to listen, it was last night’s tech hell night, adding fuel to his obvious public disgust of Evan and Tera.

“It’s amusing watching a self proclaimed adult film reviewer, now turn his supposed expertise to internet radio reviews,” Wankus said, “Especially while reading them, it’s obvious he knows nothing about radio and should stick to film reviews.”

Just for fun, we took his template for reviewing and did a little review of our own on AdultFYI. A-FYI reviewed his review site and have posted it for your review.

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