Tera Patrick Encourages the Industry to Move Out of LA; “I Just Don’t Want to Perform Ever Again”

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Tera Patrick was interviewed by The Examiner this past weekend at Exxxotica NJ. She’s asked how she feels about Measure B.

You were active in the recent “No on Measure B” campaign, and then that had passed…

“My hope is that it doesn’t drive the industry underground and that the industry doesn’t practice unsafe practices,” she says.

“Sometimes people may have good intentions but it’s a bad idea—I just think Measure B was bad intentions and a bad idea. So I just hope that performers stick together and just keep [continuing] safe practices on set.”

Asked whether the industry should stand up and fight or move, Patrick says this:

“I’ve been retired for seven years now from performing, but I still own a production company; I license my content worldwide for the adult industry, so it affects me, obviously. But I would encourage the industry to move out of Los Angeles, and that way, the industry can still function for some profit, the performers could still have some control or say over their own bodies. And listen, you can’t tell us what to do, so let’s take our money elsewhere. That’s how I feel about it.”

Patrick also mentions that she’s writing a sequel to her book Sinner Takes All.

“The follow-up memoir to Sinner Takes All is called Happy Ending, because I did get my happy ending,” she says.

“I retired from the adult industry in 2006, I met a really nice man, and I had a beautiful baby daughter eight months ago. It’s completely changed me, and I know that a lot of people say never say never—I absolutely never will return to porn; I’ve really made that clear.

“I’m happy to be retired, I’m happy to still be able to meet my fans and travel, but my life now is completely different. And you know what? I love porn, I love the industry, I support the industry. I would not be here today and have all these fans if it was not for the porn industry, so I’m absolutely not against the industry. I mean, people should know that I just don’t want to perform ever again.”

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