Tera Patrick: Get Health Insurance; That Anal Trophy Is Not Your 401K

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Tera Patrick was a call-in guest on James Bartholet’s Inside the Industry Internet show Wednesday night.

Bartholet also announced that he and Mike Kulich would be conducting seminars Friday at the XBIZ 360° Retail Conference at the Sofitel Hotel.

Patrick, who’s co-hosting the XBiz awards show with comedian Orlando Jones, said this will be her second time hosting the event.

“I’m exited. I don’t know Orlando. I’ve never met him,” said Patrick. “It’s always fun to have a comedian thrown in there.”

Noting that Patrick’s always one of the best dressed women either mainstream or adult, Bartholet asked what she’d be wearing for the show.

Patrick wasn’t saying, noting that years ago she and Juli Ashton showed up for the AVN awards wearing the same dress.

“Fashion faux pas, not good.”

Asked if she had a favorite to win, Patrick cays she adores Axel Braun.

“He’s not only a good, good friend of mine, but Axel ready does such a great job with the parodies. I’m a huge Star Wars fan. Of course I’ll be rooting for Axel and Vivid. He’s nominated a lot so let’s hope he takes something home.”

Bartholet notes that Patrick was nominated for The Expendables parody.

“I’m nominated for my hair flip,” Patrick joked, noting that she was asked to play opposite Kimberly Kane and do a few hair flips.

“I said sure, and I get nominated for the hair flips.”

Now a mother, Patrick went on to say that having a daughter was her trophy for the rest of her life.

“It’s quite an accomplishment, and I’m very, very proud.”

Asked if she delivered natural, Patrick said, “Hell no! Take the drugs. That’s why they’re there. I rolled up to the hospital. They injected me. She came right out. It was peaceful, beautiful, moving on. Do not be a martyr and try to do that natural.”

“Pregnancy was the most beautiful gift,” she continued.

“It’s a blessing. I look better. I feel better. I’m healthy, happy. I think pregnancy’s a blessing. I had a beautiful, beautiful pregnancy. It was good for me. It was great.”

Bartholet agreed, “Probably the greatest thing we leave behind is not an award or a movie that we did, it’s our children.”

On the XBiz Awards, Patrick described the event as “A day when we all get together as an industry. People love the accolades. People love to, literally, suck each other’s dicks.

“To a lot of other people it’s a pissing contest. But I’ve always said to be self-validated, leaving behind our legacy, our family far surpasses our body of work. I don’t think people will always remember the best squirter and the best anal, but there are so many legends that are going to be at the industry XBiz Awards Friday.

“I’m so honored and humbled to have worked with such great people in the industry after ten years. I’m really honored that XBiz asked me to host again. This will be my second time.

“Awards aside, I think it’s really cool that we all get see each other and drink and hang out. Even if you don’t win, I feel like being there is really cool.”

Bartholet was of the opinion that the industry needs solidarity more than ever what with the condom law.

“I agree with that,” says Patrick.

“I’m really glad that XBiz has been such a great supporter of myself and my company Teravision, and all the things I’ve done throughout the years.

“I feel like with the passing of Measure B, how much tougher the adult industry is in 2013. It’s really important that the performers have each others backs and that we all support each other morally and emotionally and support each others’ movies. It’s really good that we come together.”

Asked what advice she’d give a young girl in the business, Patrick said she’d always tell them never sign anything without an attorney, particularly a contract.

“And take care of yourself physically and spiritually. We work with our bodies and the one thing I’ve seen over and over is that so many performers realize how expendable they are in this industry. When I started in the industry in 1999 there was a very small circle of performers.

“Now they’re saying there’s 400 new girls and guys getting into the business every day? I think there was 40 of us when I started in 1999. I see such turnover.

“Take care of yourself. Put yourself first. Prioritize yourself and your health. I’ve always said and encouraged the girls and the guys in the business to get health insurance. Long after you’ve left the industry you want to continue with your life and have your health to thrive. That anal trophy is not your 401K.”

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