Terrific new Chinese laundry commercial

What is all the fuss about over this terrific commercial for Chinese detergent brand Qiaobi?


Joey Slávik1 hour ago
White to black
nobody bats an eye
Black to Asian
everybody freaks out

Ztriker772 hours ago
As a European I am very interested in this product. Does it work on Arabs and Turks?

best commercial ive ever seen

Wind Walker32 seconds ago
I’m black bro and found this shit funny

Charles Baker1 hour ago
God forbid a day passes when black people aren’t acting like victims

117MasterSpartan1 hour ago
I don’t see the problem with this….

kcdawg1338 minutes ago
The different reaction between this commercial and the Italian one, really shows how hypocritical our society is. It’s perfectly fine to make fun of white people, but when you do the same to black people, then suddenly everyone’s offended!

Phendranaguardian11 minutes ago
Unrelated to the commercial, looking at the comments I really do love how African Americans still hold onto the “slave” crutch, after all these years.
Fact is, whites don’t have to apologize for shit. Not only were most whites not involved in the act (Canadians, Australians, Swedes, etc), but neither I nor you were alive at the damn time. I’m never going to apologize for something I didn’t do.

The whole thing is just as silly and stupid as me being upset at the Brits for what happened to the Scottish. But guess what? We lost, we confirmed to society, and moved on with our lives.

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