The Memorial Weekend Sobriety Checkpoint Special Continues; Rebecca Bardoux: There Were No Surprises and No Cramming Stuff Up the Butt

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Gone from XXX Porn Star Radio, but apparently not forgotten, Rebecca Bardoux re-emerges on the Planet Network. This week Tony Batman hosted Bardoux who’ll be a regular feature with a weekly show called The Bardoux Show Experiment.

Bardoux said her show will be less about adult industry news and more about interviewing people.

“And not just from the adult industry; now that I have other things going on, I have access to people in other industries. I want to blend that in with all the other stuff.”

A hodgepodge of spontaneity, if you will. Bardoux began her porn career in 1992.

“You’re in just about every porn hall of fame there is,” Batman observed.

“Really? I didn’t even know that?” said Bardoux somewhat surprised. From Erie, Pennsylvania, Bardoux moved out to Los Angeles. Sean Michaels got her into the business.

“I met him before at a convention, and he brought me out here, showed me around and got me into some features. And that was it. My first feature was something Sean Michaels directed. It was called Brother Act. My first scene was with Buck Adams. The crazy thing is I do have a lot of history in the industry.”

By her estimate, Bardoux didn’t work with that many male performers.

“This was back in the Nineties. There was six or seven guys I worked with. It was a rotation. From what I understand I’ve worked in about 200 movies.” Bardoux has also been a feature dancer.

“At the 1993 AVN Awards, Al from Al’s Diamond Cabaret came up to me and he said Rebecca I’m hearing good things about you. He knew I was a stripper before because I danced at his place as a house dancer. He goes, ‘You should talk to somebody.’

“And I ended up talking to Tony from the Lee Network. When we standing in line at the award show we came to an agreement that I was going to be exclusives with him, and that’s where it started.”

Bardoux couldn’t remember where her first feature gig was. She was on the road for six years.

“I had fabulous costumes, and I did very sensuous and sexy shows. I would go out there with my clothes on strutting around; then I started stripping and teasing. By the time I got to the fourth song I’m on the floor having sex and cumming. I like people watching me. I just love it. It’s incredible. I’m an exhibitionist for sure.”

Batman notes that in some clubs they allow penetration and wondered if Bardoux employed that in her act.

“I did a D.P. with two dildoes on stage at Show World in New York,” she recalls. “I had a dildo in my ass and a dildo in my pussy.” Batman said she’d be arrested if she ever tried that now.

“If you like raw sex an kinky sex that was the place to go,” said Bardoux.

“Guys were allowed to jack off. It was like a little theater and we went around and got our tips from each guy. So when I went around and got my tips there was some guys that had their cocks at. They were covered with a magazine or a newspaper. When I came by to get my tip they showed me their cock.”

Batman said another wild place back in the day was Frank’s Chicken House.

“The Crazy Horse in San Francisco had theater seating and they [the customers] used to be able to expose them without fear of the bouncer coming.”

Asked if she ever had sex with a customer during the progress of one of her shows, Bardoux said she was young and new to everything.

“I was scared, and I wouldn’t touch it [a penis],” she said. Knowing what she knows now, Bardoux said she would have negotiated for larger tips. Bardoux then quit the circuit when she came down with chronic fatigue.

“I was on the road constantly, not taking care of myself, drinking and not eating properly. Back then you were working six days a week and maybe three, four or five shows a day. I just broke down. It was too much.”

Bardoux never traveled with a roadie, but there’d always been someone at the club designated to take care of her during the week.

“They pay your hotel; they pay your plane fare; they pay you and back then they really paid you, and you got all your tips. So we were making good money back then.”

Batman said performers back then were making more money than the features do now.

“Easy,” said Bardoux.

“It seems like a dying breed but we’re trying to keep it alive,” Batman added.

Bardoux noticed that more adult performers are going on the road, and Batman said that’s probably because there isn’t enough adult work to go around.

When Bardoux was active, there were probably 50 performers working in the business; Batman took a guess that there are at least 2,000 active performers right now.

“How do they get enough work these days with so many doing it?” he wondered.

Bardoux’s guess is that they get desperate.

“And that’s why there’s so much cattiness in the industry. Everybody’s so desperate to get some type of work.”

Bardoux’s also of the opinion that the quality of porn was much better back in the day, and I’m inclined to agree with her.

“If you’re going to shoot a feature now I’d day it’s probably much better. If Wicked or Vivid were going to shoot a feature. But these little companies that bring these little cameras…the quality really isn’t that good. Even back in the day when they were shooting on video [tape], that’s a big camera they were using. That was before digital.”

Bardoux said she enjoyed working with Evil Angel, Vivid, VCA and Caballero.

Batman noted that with all the competition there’s more pressure for the girls nowadays to do edgy material. Bardoux was asked if she felt pressure to do things she didn’t want to do.

Bardoux answered by saying the biggest pressure was getting enough sleep, getting on time to work and being on a set for 16 hours then getting up early the next day to be on set. Batman said he saw a girl the other day with a toilet on her head.

“That wasn’t around back then,” said Bardoux.

“There were regulations and we actually regulated ourselves within the industry to say we can’t push the limit because people have gone to jail for obscenity charges. So we tried to protect ourselves from getting into trouble. There were things if you shot them, someone would be there to say it’s too hardcore, it’s too much, it’s dangerous to put it out there and puts the spotlight on us, so don’t do it. That’s what would happen.”

Bardoux said people are getting away with stuff now because there’s no one to control it. “The top guys are gone.”

Asked who were the overlords back then. Bardoux mentioned me back when I ran AVN. “There was Larry Flynt. He was big. And the Free Speech Coaition when it really was Free Speech and Russ Hamsphire, Steve Hirsch…”

Batman made note that the Platypus Network encompasses a cross section of listeners, some whom are not savvy to the workings of the adult business.

“There’s a lot of things that people don’t know about the industry but I’m very good at educating that don’t understand the industry,” Bardoux said.

“I have total respect for it and I don’t like people dissing it or disrespecting it.”

According to Bardoux she never had any problems on set and was left to her own devices.

“We always knew one or two weeks in advance where we were working and the name of the guy; and you knew pretty much what you were going to do in a scene.

“There were no surprises and no cramming stuff up the butt because we couldn’t do that. And even with the ATMS which was the ass-to-mouth when they take the cock out of the ass and put it in the mouth, we weren’t allowed to do that. We made it look like that. The guy when he was ready to cum, would take it out of my ass, go in the bathroom, wash it off and then come back and cum on my face. I guess they take it literally now.”

Bardoux said fans would tell her, ‘You did an ATM.” I never did an ATM. They’re like, ‘You had this guy…’ and I would have to explain to them. It’s editing.”

“You don’t want to ruin the fantasy for the fans,” Batman reasoned.

“But it’s come to that,” said Bardoux. “The stuff that’s coming out now, there’s nothing real about it.”

Asked if she did movies that were more romantic, Bardoux said that was what most of the stuff was.

“If you’d go to Evil Angel or Elegant Angel, it would be harder, Bruce Seven. But most everything else, Vivid, Wicked, VCA all those companies were pretty vanilla compared to now.”

Bardoux said she was never inclined to date male performers

“Most of the time we’d get together for events, but we wouldn’t hang out. We had so much work we didn’t have time to do anything. We were always on the sets because there was so much work. I was working something like seven days a week, doing two scenes in a feature.”

Batman tells the new crop of performers that you’d have to put in 80 hour weeks to make it happen or be left behind.

“Things are different now. People are a little bit spoiled I think.”

Bardoux agreed.

“They come on set expecting to be out of there in three to four hours.”

Batman wondered if the girls today were making the same kind of money as in Bardoux’s generation.

“I don’t think so,” said Bardoux.

“Twenty years later you’re making less per scene,” Batman emphasized.

“Sure,” said Bardoux. “I guess there are some girls. If you go into the feature world like Wicked, they’re still making pretty good money, I bet.”

“That’s what I look for in a porn girl,” Bardoux continued, “If she looks good, if she takes care of herself, if she has her nails done properly, that’s all we did. That’s the type of girl I liked to see come in the industry.”

Bardoux says the last movie she did was for Hard Candy Films in January.

Batman pointed out that once a performer shoots a scene, a company has 18 different ways to package it here and overseas.

“What could we do? That’s the way it was,” says Bardoux.

“There’s no royalties and that’s the way it was.”

Batman asked if anyone ever tried to change it. Jill Kelly Productions made big waves about doing it, but I doubt whether their contract girls ever saw residuals.

“In my personal opinion I think it would be very hard to do royalties in this business,” explained Bardoux.

“People come and go so quickly and they’re like gypsies now where they don’t have any stability, so I don’t know how they’d do that.”

Asked what she’s doing away from porn, Bardoux said her life has been busy.

“I’m doing stand up comedy now and it’s been taking off for me.”

“Did you teach yourself? Did you have a mentor? Did you take a class?” Batman wanted to know. “That’s not an easy thing to do.”

“I was at a party one night,” answered Bardoux.

“It was a regular party, not adult, and there was a guy who came up to me. He was a manager for other comedians and he was a fan of mine. We were talking and he asked, ‘Did you ever think about getting on stage and doing stand up?’

“I said no, not really. People told me I couldn’t do stand up because I laughed at my own jokes.”

He said, ‘I’ve listened to you on your interviews and Facebook and radio shows. I think you’d be go at it.’

“I never tried it before in my life, but if you give me this opportunity I’m taking it. So I worked hard and they helped me. For the first show, they took me away from here and I privately did the first show. I did well. They listened to the tapes, and they said this is what you have to do. So I just followed their lead. But it wasn’t hard for me to get up on that stage because I’ve been on stage butt naked with my puss spread out larger than life.”

“And they’re not really even jokes,” continued Bardoux.

“I hit a lot on my life in the adult industry and different things I’ve noticed. Most of it is based on real stories. Most of my jokes, you listen to them you better believe I experienced some part of that joke in real life.”

Bardoux says her fellow comedian have been “fabulous” to her from the start.

“They’ve just been great. They accept me. They don’t judge me and say ‘oh she’s a porn girl.’ They sort of remind me of old school porn. From what I’ve seen, everybody gets along…but they don’t like to share their trade secrets.”

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