The Samurai Calls Out James Deen: You Are a Douchebag

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James Deen spoke to a college in Wisconsin this week. There were a number of things Deen said that are so wrong.

The Samurai calls him out: “Is this little lying douchebag for real? Porn isn’t real? Everything you see is real, the penetration, the cumshot, and the std’s, all of it is real. It may be a fantasy for the viewer, but for the participant it is ALL real.

“And then he says its all about respect? What the fuck does the porn
industry, or James Deen for that matter, know about respect for performers
when their own leaders will not speak up about an HIV positive performer
among their ranks? Of course Deen chose silence on this issue.

“James, show some respect for your fellow performers. You are a vocal
activist in your industry yet you remain silent about an HIV positive
performer in your ranks. Is that what you call RESPECT.

“Or will you continue to be the good little lying lackey that you are, spout the industry bullshit lines, and hope nobody calls you on it. Use YOUR free speech rights that you so lovingly talk about that are supposedly being violated and speak up about the HIV positive performer in YOUR industry the industry that you claim to love so much right now.

“You talk about respect? [Oops, sorry, Farrah Abraham said you didn’t have any.]

“You don’t know the meaning of the word. If you did, you would talk about how DISRESPECTFUL Stagliano, and the agents booking talent to work with him, and how the silence from the likes of Duke, AVN, XBIZ, and especially APHSS and the APHSS medical advisory board (which we all know does not exist).

“How could any MEDICAL advisory board from the adult industry remain silent on this issue? What will be their excuse when they are finally forced to comment? This should be hilarious.

“We can all see it coming. “These are low risk acts and do not warrant a
quarantine list.”

“And APHSS will ignore the notification of partners, and subsequent partners, and nobody checking tests, and violating every single
APHSS protocol. etc. etc. It is time to NAME these incompetent medical
advisory board members. How can they be called an advisory board and not
advise the industry on this situation?

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