The Shoe’s On the Other Foot; Someone is Pirating Manwin Product

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LOS ANGELES — from – Manwin has filed a $1.6 million claim in federal court over a copycat Brazzers site that allegedly is streaming its movies without permission.

The cloned site, called, looks and feels like a Brazzers site, complete with a distinct logo bearing the studio’s name.

Even the movies posted on the site — “Busted,” “Wild Girls,” “Lesbian Etiquette,” “Striptease Shopping,” “Scott’s Choice,” “Realease the Stress,” “Workout Pussy Paid Out,” “The Joy Toy,” “My New BFF,” “Are You Still Awake” — are actual copyrighted Brazzers productions, Manwin’s suit said.

“The infringing websites is an unauthorized ‘clone’ of plaintiffs’ Brazzers website that purports to offer the ‘Best Porn Streams for Free,” the suit said. “The infringing website purports to offer for immediate viewing and downloading thousands of [Manwin’s] copyrighted videos, including each of the Brazzers videos.”

The suit, filed at U.S. District Court in Los Angeles last week, names 10 unidentified John Does and seeks a preliminary and permanent injunction against the defendants, a transfer of the name, maximum statutory damages of $150,000 with respect to each of the 10 copyright work infringed, compensatory damages and maximum statutory damages of $100,000 for the infringing domain, as well as attorneys fees.

Manwin officials did not respond for XBIZ comment on Tuesday.

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