Theoretical Particle Physicist is Dope Of the Week Candidate: read why

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from – You all remember the Manti Te’o story, right? Of course you do. We all remember because we all thought the story of a college football star falling in love with a girl online, only to be duped into thinking she died and then finding out she wasn’t real in the first place, was ludicrous.

We all thought nobody could be that stupid. But it turns out, many people are that stupid, including a college professor who also happens to be a theoretical particle physicist. His story, however, is even worse.

As reported by The New York Times, University of North Carolina professor Paul Frampton was conned into believing that he was communicating with world famous Czech bikini model Denise Milani [pictured].

He had met her on an online dating site in November 2011, and the 68-year-old physicist was convinced that the person he was chatting with was Milani, and not only that, but that she wanted to quit her glamour model life and marry him.

So, the poor, lonely and recently-divorced Frampton was hooked by the Milani impostor, and after failed attempts to talk to her on the phone, was finally told to come to Bolivia, where she was doing a photo shoot, to meet her. The plot is rather simple. Obviously, the “woman” online was not Milani, and when Frampton showed up in Bolivia, she was not there.

However, she contacted him and told him that she had to leave quickly to go to another shoot in Brussels, and he could just meet her there. All he had to do before he came was pick up a bag she left behind and bring it to her, which he agreed to do. That would turn out to be a huge mistake.

As you should have already figured out, that bag left behind was lined with cocaine. The scam artist pretending to be Milani was simply doing it to find a desperate man like Frampton and use him as a drug mule.

Frampton, although a brilliant physicist, was not wise enough to abort his mission to connect with Milani, his potential future wife with incredible DDD natural breasts (despite warnings from his close friend).

The story goes on to inform us that Frampton was arrested and thrown in jail in Buenos Aires. And while it is believed that he was honestly duped by a person online into thinking he was in Bolivia to meet Denise Milani, his lawyers could not convince the court that he had no idea he was being used as a drug smuggler once he arrived and got roped into the scheme (there were some very condemning texts sent from him to the person he understood to be Milani).

Frampton was sentenced to 4 years 8 months for drug smuggling. He is not expected to be released until May 2014.

The lesson learned here fellas, once again, is to be very, very, very careful when dating online. Do not do ANYTHING for a girl who you have never met in person, and especially don’t do anything that could possibly be illegal. If bad stuff can happen to a star linebacker and a world-renowned physicist, well, it can probably happen to just about any of us.

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