This we Gotta See: “Goofball” Texas State Rep Wants Strippers to Show Their License While Performing

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from – Bill Zedler [pictured] is fighting to pass a law that would force strippers not only to have a license to strip, but also to display that license while they are working. In a report dated Jan. 3, this is not the only time Texas State Representative has fought to keep people “covered up.”

The Dallas Observer also reported on Jan. 3 that Representative Bill Zedler let the fight to keep a Hooters from opening in his neighborhood before being elected to the state legislature. Zedler was successful in that local fight in Arlington, Texas.

“I don’t really have a problem with strippers having a license,” Bob Wilson, from Oklahoma City, said. “There was a time when I went to strip bars, before I was married, and I think some some of laws would help clean them up.”

His latest proposed bill would force strippers in the state of Texas to obtain a license to strip. This license would have to be visible, on their person, in order for them to legally pursue their career. Those who display their bodies for a living would need a license, with the exception of single nude models in a college or art school setting. Nudist camps, nonsexual nudist camps, would also be exempt from the proposed law.

“I’m sure there are some creative strippers who could create a sexy costume with their stripping license,” Wilson continued.

“I think displaying them on their person is a bit extreme. I wouldn’t mind having them posted behind the bar or somewhere like that though.”

Paul Burka, with the “Texas Monthly,” has called Bill Zedler a “goofball.” He also stated that Zedler contributes nothing except the “occasional comic relief.”

It is unknown if Bill Zedler’s bill will pass. Many believe that Bill Zedler is too extreme, even for the state of Texas.

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