Thoughts Over a Late Morning’s Coffee: Tom Byron Meets with The Power Brokers

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There was a meeting Tuesday afternoon between Tom Byron, lawyers and power brokers.

Sworn to some amount of secrecy, you could tell Rob Black was dying to let the cat out of the bag. But, safe to say, the upshot of that confab is something I predicted in my Tarot reading for Black last week, even to pinpointing the fact that September is when the ball starts rolling.

[I even predicted some time ago that Diane Duke would be removed from office.]

It all involves UAWA, the elimination of Free Speech and the agency system that plagues the adult industry. Of course it’s about money, and Byron had an audience with people who are willing to spend it and make wholesale changes for the good of the porn business.

“I can’t tell you who precisely the meeting was with,” Black was saying.

“I have to keep that next to my chest, but I will tell you about the press conference. That announcement’s going to come some time after Labor Day. The meeting [Tuesday] was so good when Tom Byron and the attorneys sat down, they said we love it [Black’s proposals and ideas].

“‘Let’s all get together- and what we want to know is what’s the playbook? We could support this and get behind this- we all could get together. We are really, really interested.’”

Black said it’s all about protection and safety of the workers of the adult business. Black admitted that it was better to send Byron in his stead.

“Nobody of importance is going to meet with a guy who says cunt and boogers.”

“The meeting consisted of these people saying Tom Byron, we want everything you are saying, you have our vote- this is smart, effective and makes sense. We will get behind a movement to change this business for a lifetime.

“Byron was told to hold off from an announcement. He was told there was a bigger picture,” said Black.

“They talked about centralized testing, a centralized casting division, licensing and bonding adult performers- ‘we love all of those concepts.’

“The premise calls for rejecting the Free Speech Coalition and telling the agents goodbye; telling the Koretskys to cough up every dime they owe people in the industry.

“They said we support all of that, and we agree that you’ll probably need help from an outside resource- we are that resource and we love your idea. We could be willing to be the funding behind it and part of something that revolutionizes and changes the industry forever.

“When I said game, set, match, it’s time,” said Black.

“The party’s over. The meeting went exactly as I thought it would go they way I planned it to go when I sat in La Tuna Federal prison.

“It’s creating something that will have lasting impact on this business. It exceeded the expectations of everyone in that room. I said my purpose in this business and life was to ride in on that white stallion.”

Black he’ll be riding the stallion Brooklyn Lee chided him about yesterday.

“The times are changing. The times are here. The meeting [Tuesday] is something that followed the game plane to the T. I sit back and say wow- we are learning to fly.

“We have now taken this show and the concept we started with and now have taken it to a level of respectability and legitimacy. [Tuesday’s] meeting was a confirmation that people are out there listening and coming up with a plan that will solve 99% of the problems we have in this business.

“That, my friend, is reality and truth. The meeting was the single most important meeting since this show has been on the air. It signifies that the UAWA not only will become a reality but after Labor Day that reality, ladies and gentlemen, will become something that will be written about.

“I have not told you one fabricated bullshit story yet. I have not been wrong on one thing. I will continue to speak and lead this industry. This meeting is conformation that Tom Byron is the single most important performer in the industry and confirmation that the show is being heard loud and clear by people who are the decision makers and policy makers in the game of life

“They have said we love the UAWA and tell us how and how much and when it’s going to go down. I have learned to fly three times in my life- when I came out to Los Angeles; I crashed down. But I got another opportunity to fly- I’ve crashed and burned and seen it all. I’ve transferred into a new life person and role- that role as your watcher and a person creating the UAWA and that is what is going to protect you and boost the economy of your pocketbook.”

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