Thoughts Over a Late Morning’s Coffee: Why Bother To Advertise with AVN or XBiz?; The Jig is Up in January

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Monday night Rob Black was asking that very question on his late night show

“AVN and XBiz are so important as the trade papers, but the information about the syphilis outbreak came from our show, Gene Ross and Mike South’s site,” Black pointed out.

“If our sites are the sites that have the news, and those are the sites everybody’s talking about- why then do you pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for ads for trade shows to XBiz and AVN if you know damn well that people go to our site and Gene Ross’ site before they go to AVN?

“Here’s the question,” continued Black.

“Let’s go to AVN ran the story about the syphilis outbreak at 5:59 PM Monday evening. Who was supposed to see that story? The story’s already been talked about, debated about, the mainstream press is reporting it.” Black can’t understand why AVN takes such a glib approach to industry stories nowadays.

“Especially if you’re supposed to be somebody that needs advertising to survive, if you need advertising to survive. Hard Candy, you advertise with them; Adam & Eve, you advertise with them. Cal Exotic you advertise. My question is how are you getting advertising for your dollars when the big story was not reported by AVN?

“Which means everybody out there listened to me and went to Gene’s site and Mike South’s site- my question is how the fuck does Cal Exotic, how does Hot Movies, how the fuck does anybody who gives AVN advertising money, how are they justifying it?

“How do you accompany the fact that two web sites that get no ad dollars from at least the three companies mentioned who give AVN thousands of dollars, that AVN does not report news that the press is reporting?

“To me this goes even more to assure you that Manwin owns AVN. They could give two shits about advertising – trust me I’ll bet this will be the last show [in January] that the AVN brand ever does, and shortly after that the magazine will be closing.

“Why do you think Paul Fishbein has positioned himself to where he picks up whatever pieces are left? All Manwin is going to do is make AVN a tube site and pump everyone’s crap on to this site.

“Fishbein will have his Sex Awards and that will be the new AVN and that will falter and fail.

“AVN, back in the day, when they were an independent body owned by Fishbein and run by Gene Ross, this Syphilis story would have been happening [updated] every hour. That would have been the old AVN.

“AVN would not have waited until 6pm to run that story. The Free Speech Coalition is funded by Manwin. Diane Duke is in cahoots with Manwin. AVN waited until 6pm – you guys are fucking lunatics.

“You understand there was never Syphilis ever before the Marcus incident. Are you guys not understanding that correctly? There was never a Syphilis outbreak until Marcus brought it in. Marcus had a disease that FSC, Diane Duke, Mike South were part of the cover up.

“You got Mike South going, ‘look everybody, the agents are so great,’ but it’s back. Syphilis is back. Syphilis that kills you is the new gonorrhea. Al Capone died of it. People die of Syphilis. I never heard heard anyone dying of gonorrhea. And I never heard of anyone dying of Chlamydia or genital warts.

“And Free Speech is saying their own testing procedure is flawed? If this is not a call to arms for one centralized testing agency regulated by the county and state I don’t know what is.

“Can you honestly tell me that we do anything of a good job testing ourselves? You don’t think it says something that porn people are running this? This is being run by cross eyed Brooke Hunter that did gang bangs for me.

“It’s like ridiculing the fact that we have porn lawyers. Do we have to preach about having one centralized testing when we see problems happening with our testing procedures, and the fact two testing facilities had to see what was right on Syphilis? If that doesn’t creep you out.”

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