Thoughts Over an Evening’s Frangelico: Mark Kernes, Custer’s Last Hazmat

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In all the years he’s sat on his perch at AVN bloviating legal screed, Mark Kernes has done nothing positive nor contributed anything positive to this business. In a couple of months Rob Black and I have managed to turn porn upside down to where hacks and bureaucrats like Kernes have seen their last days.

Today Kernes writes a piece about AB 640. Did you know that it was another version of AB 332? Wow, we didn’t know that, but Kernes proceeds to tell you how assemblyman Isadore Hall changed and altered language of the bill as if there was some unethical cheating going on.

Kernes, that is what politicians do. That is the political process. Your article is long, tedious, boring and pointless as all your pronuciamentos tend to be. Your side lost. Face facts. AB 640 is a done deal.

And you had to get that thing in about dental dams, goggles, face shields and hazmat suits. Retire already.


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