Thoughts Over The Afternoon’s Margarita: Here’s Hoping Diane Duke Has Many More Debates

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Mike South, who’s on the same page of the Diane Duke is a complete imbecile argument, states that the AHF likes having Duke in place leading the FSC because, well, she’s a complete imbecile.

I got a call Monday night from The Samurai who was telling me he saw that video interview Duke had with The Huffington Post and read the recap at

The Samurai walked away with the same impression.

My only hope is that Duke continues giving the mainstream press these interviews only so the adult industry can see what a buffoon they have leading it. All Mark McGrath from the AHF had to do was play the Mr. Marcus card and that would have been the end of the debate. McGrath didn’t, and I suspect that the AHF has much more humiliation in store for Duke.

If you take close note of that debate, you’ll see how shrill, strident and impolite Duke comes across when confronted with the black and white of it.

These are the weaknesses that have been working against the adult industry when statesmanship, diplomacy and a little razzle-dazzle could have scored points. Thanks to Duke, the industry has been taking it in the kisser from the .XXX domain issue all the way down.

Duke is not a leader. Hell, she’s not even a good public speaker.

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