Thoughts Over The Evening’s Frangelico: HIV Story Proves How Dumb Diane Duke Really Is

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In light of today’s HIV story, AHF’s Michael Weinstein gave the following quote: “The porn industry can’t have it both ways. They can’t oppose condoms and ignore the law and then turn around and claim that no other infections occurred in this instance because condoms were used. This puts the lie to the industry’s entire argument against condoms.”

With all due respect, Weinstein is missing the point and thus the boat. What Diane Duke was trying to do was discredit the whole pro-condom position. And what a great story to do it with: Performer who works on condom-only productions catches HIV.

Except Duke wasn’t going to tell you on what set it was. APHSS left that little detail out. It took to reveal that the performer who was tested HIV positive worked for, a site that’s owned by Duke’s employer, Manwin. Delicious. Even more delicious is the fact that hires crossover performers.

The industry doesn’t want to tell you it has a crossover problem, but this story just told you it did. Remember the last performer to contract HIV, Derrick Burts? Crossover performer.


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