Thoughts Over The Morning Second Coffee: Diane Duke has got to be on Crack

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I’m not going to quote the whole story, but reported that Diane Duke met with people from Cal/OSHA Thursday to discuss new bloodborne-pathogen standards for the adult industry. A new plan will be announced around September says the article.

With the way Duke’s luck has been running of late, considering the major defeats of her administration: .XXX domains, Measure B and 2257, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if porn stars were required to wear asbestos evening attire by the time the AVN and XBiz awards roll around.

The thing that got me in the story is Duke saying how her team introduced themselves to the new members of the Standards Board and reintroduced a bloodborne-pathogen plan that was developed several years ago by a team that included Paul Cambria, Sharon Mitchell, John Stagliano, her and others.

At first glance two names kind of jump off the page. Sharon Mitchell was a known junkie and heroin addict [she talks about sharing needles with Marc Wallice in the book The Other Hollywood] so I’m not making that up.

And then we’ve got John Stagliano who’s being represented by Cambria in a lawsuit filed by Katie Summers claiming that Stagliano keeps his HIV status a secret from the performers he works with.

That’s a game plan you got there, Diane. Who are the “others” you’re referring to? Mr. Marcus? Derrick Burts? John Holmes?


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