Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Andy San Dumb Ass

In the world of social media, the same rules exist as are applied to farting. You Tweet it, you eat it. The late great actor Robert Mitchum once said to his wife-to-be, Dorothy Spence: “Stick with me, kid, and you’ll be farting through silk.”

Porn performer Andy San Dimas obviously never met Mitchum because she’s just farting. This week the entire Internet was on a story about San Dimas causing an uproar at a Pirates game. Depending who you read, there were various interpretations of events. I chose The London Daily Mail for a source because, well, the site specializes in sleaze and porn star antics. I figure, why not.

Says The Mail: “The 26-year-old pornstar [San Dimas], who has starred in films including Shades of Kink and Lesbian Nanny Tales, was hauled down to the local police station where she was read her rights… but not before persuading one of the duty officers to pose in the silly mask.”

I don’t know. The phrases “hauled down” and “read your rights” might be a tip off, but further into the story we have: “Before her arrest, San Dimas had posted a string of photographs of her wearing the mask in and around the Pittsburgh Pirates’ home ground during a trip with porn director and producer Steviee Hughes.”

“Before her arrest” is another buzz term I usually associate with being arrested, hence the headline, and I even gave the source of the story as The Daily Mail. So what does San Dimas and another character named Sia Vee do? They Twitter and apparently to each other:

Andy San Dimas! ‏@andysandimas @Adultfyi1: Andy San Dimas arrested for refusing to sit down at Pittsburgh Pirates game …” I WAS NOT ARRESTED

Sia Vee ‏@SiaBambolina – @andysandimas Gotta love people who don’t bother getting any facts straight before spreading bullshit blather about you. @Adultfyi1

For years and years, my standard practice is, at the beginning of each story not attributed to yours truly, I provide the source. That I thought would avoid dumb ass tweets. Apparently not.

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