Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Better to Get Your Face Busted Than Your Spirit Broken? Remember Savannah?

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If you tuned into the weekly Amber Lynn show Friday, you discovered it’s already in reruns.

Not so Rob Black, who even broadcasts on holidays, like July 4th. I did my weekly stint yesterday afternoon just as Black was wrapping up a tirade on Bill Margold.

“Here’s my take on Margold and age,” said Black.

“We look at our elders as having wisdom; and if they stay longer in this industry or politics, you look to these guys as having great wisdom. The great ruse that Bill Margold has put on everybody is always and always will be, he was a mope.

“He was a loser porn actor that never amounted to anything. And nobody took him seriously back then. He’s branched off to become an older version of what he was. Some of us don’t know the real history of Bill Margold so, oh, he did PAW. Because you hear him talk about how he’s so great. Dude, you have done nothing except be a fucking mope.

“So you really have to look at him when he says this stuff. It’s like Nick East when Nick East is 50 years old. Imagine Nick East drunk when he’s hanging out with us at a funeral, ‘Hey guuuuys, hiiiiiii.’ It’s like Bill Margold when he says, ‘my knee popped out, fuck Kelly Wells. That’ a badge of honor. Fuck her.’

“How do you say something like that? How do you compare a guy’s swollen knee to a girl getting her jaw broke on a set with Belladonna and her loser husband? How do you do that?”

I paraphrased Margold’s contention that it’s pretty much alright to get your face busted but don’t have your spirit broken.

“Wait a second, isn’t that what broke Savannah’s spirit?” I asked.

“She got her face busted. She was in an automobile accident, she busted up her face and what does she do? She kills herself five minutes later. And that’s when Margold started PAW. Maybe getting your face busted up can lead to something more catastrophic, I don’t know.”

“Bill throws around these names,” Black adds. “Seriously, Gene, you’re an old timer. You’ve been with all these old timers. Can you imagine Christy Canyon getting her fucking face busted in and going, ‘That’s a war scar.’

“I think if you look at it from a woman’s point of view they might be thinking a little differently about that,” I commented.

“And that’s why I brought up [in one of my posts] the Vivian Valentine incident. Remember the pictures of her plastered all over the Internet with her sporting that shiner, when she did the rough sex movie?

“That put the heat on Chris over there [Anabolic] to drop that whole idea. But it was only because it was on the Internet and that’s the great thing about the Internet. You can’t tuck away all the shit that you used to like before. You used to sweep away a lot of that stuff under the carpet. Nobody’s going to know about this so we can get away with it. But it’s not happening any more.”

“It’s amazing,” said Black.

“Bill likes to be this historian. Can you imagine Amber Lynn being on a set and a guy choking her out, fucking slapping the fuck out of her and breaking her jaw? Amber Lynn was trying to sue Tom Byron because she didn’t like the fucking picture we used on the box. She literally had the balls to threaten a lawsuit. Can you imagine Amber Lynn having James Deen pull her fucking hair out and ramming her head into a wall saying, ‘Hey, bitch, you signed a model release. Fuck you.’

“Get the fuck out of here, Bill, you’re so out of touch,” said Black.

“It’s unbelievable. We could spend three hours just sitting here going wow. Seriously it comes to the point where this guy needs to go away.”

I hastened to point out that a lot of people in this industry are out of touch with what’s going on.

“It frustrates me more than it baffles me. Because you’re trying to get a good, solid message across and everybody’s got their heads buried up their ass or stuck in the ground.

“You almost have to create a military junta in this business to get people to stand up and take notice. Something disastrous has to happen for people to get shaken to their roots. Everybody is locked into porn complacency figuring, ‘oh, Rob’s going to say this; Rob’s going to say that. Okay, he’s going to make a stir.’

“And everyone will forget about it. But the next big thing that has to happen is a real shake up. Something of major proportions.”

I recalled the screaming matches when the first HIV outbreak hit, with all the resolutions to make things better. Didn’t happen. The next round hit with more meetings and more resolutions. Then, again, nothing. Finally with the Darren James situation the resolve was to put Mr. Marcus in a position as talent liaison. Mr. Marcus, now that’s funny, all things considered. How did that one work out.

“Even HIV doesn’t fundamentally change how people look at things,” I said.

“It stirs it up for a couple of weeks then it’s quietly forgotten. Something major has to happen to blast everybody out of their fucking seats.”

Black was of the opinion that, rather than one nuclear bomb, his show was creating “shock and awe” on a daily basis.

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