Thoughts Over the Morning’s Coffee: Django and The Great DiCaprio Robbery

Is it possible the same guys who nominate the Oscars are responsible for AVN’s Best Tube Site and Creampie categories? I’m beginning to wonder.

While Django Unchained is beyond doubt the best movie I’ve seen all year [and that includes Lincoln, Argo and all the rest of the nominees] the exclusion of Leonardo DiCaprio in the Best Supporting Actor category is criminal.

I know, I know, DiCaprio’s pitted against Christopher Waltz who may, right now, be the best actor and possessor of the best beard on the planet, but Waltz, theoretically, should have been put in the Best Actor category since he occupies nearly every scene in Django, until, well, [spoiler alert] that fateful scene in the library.

Yet, that same library scene is the culmination of the finest rendition of evil I’ve ever seen in the movies. DiCaprio, as a phlegmatic southern gentleman who wields a sinister cigarette holder and is probably screwing his sister, is Satan himself when the cards and human skulls are finally on the table. I don’t want to give away too much of this, but to see DiCaprio pitted against Waltz is the pure joy of movies.

All due respect to Alan Arkin, who’s a marvelous scene stealer in Argo, Arkin’s on screen a cumulative four, five minutes?

Meanwhile, for what DiCaprio does in his extended turn in Django, I’m even willing to forgive him for Titanic and J. Edgar, and that’s saying a lot. But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself.

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