Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: How Can You Trust Any Industry Test? You Call it Safe; I Call It Sorry

You only have to refer to the Clover story to understand that no testing this industry employs is reliable.

First, Clover tests positive [we think], but he tells us he was inconclusive and had to get re-tested – how many times was it? Six times? But while he was telling us that, Diane Duke contradicted him and said he was negative. You want to work with him go right ahead.

Then we’re told yesterday Cameron Bay tested positive for HIV, but her agent Mark Schechter is stepping in and now saying more tests are needed because Cammie was “unconfirmed” and going for additional tests.

Everybody likes to use the word “safe” when describing industry testing. I like to use the words incompetent and sorry. And you also seem to forget that Cutting Edge Testing which is in the middle of these Keystone Kops events allegedly [according to Mr. Marcus] helped him jerry-rig his syphilis test last year. So who knows what the true story is there.

As far as Talent Testing Services is also concerned. Yeah, I love the idea of having my blood Fed Ex’ed.


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