Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: How do you explain sending your talent to work for John Stagliano who is HIV positive

Tattaglia was a pimp. We know that because Michael Corleone told us as much in the first film of The Godfather trilogy. Thursday afternoon Rob Black, the filled in the rest of the names. Coincidentally, the pimps all make a living in the adult industry.

Black also compared porn to The Great Depression.

“You have the the Free Speech Coalition, the Hirsches, the Staglianos, you have pure fucking evil. You have Manwin that controls the piracy pipeline. Our business is plagued into shit because of Manwin and piracy.” Black said there were a number of counterintuitive issues operating in porn.

“There’s Stagliano and the health aspect; Manwin and the piracy aspect; Frank Koretsky and the economic aspect.

“You have to basically fight Stagliano, Manwin, the Koretsky Foundation; you have to fight all these fronts because they are the pure evil that’s destroying this business.

“But the aspect we’ve missed is the pimps, the agents,” continued Black.

“We’re talking about four or five people that are running a scam. It’s easy to take them down, but there’s no alternative for the weak ones.”

Black was talking about performers who rely on the pimps.

“The ones that wise up, represent themselves, but the weak always need someone to pimp them out. I don’t know the mentality, but to me the talent are like the Iraqis. They’re very similar to Middle Eastern people. They claim they want freedom and democracy, but they don’t. They want to feel they’re safe, healthy and not being pressured into bad work situations; they want money to survive- but they don’t want to go out and be entrepreneurs.

“This is a new mentality of talent that are happy with Porn Star Karaoke and doing private blowjobs. You can’t stop that mentality of a 22 year old girl unless you re-program what they think.

“’We know the big hustlers’. This segment of the talent gets a trick or two and they do parties- that’s the extent. The trick-boyfriend has money and has girls come over for $500 to do Meth, Heroin and that’s it. You’re a rocking porn star.

“You got about three or four of these LA Direct Girls, and they have their connections – and there’s a whole network for that. That is never going to change because the people they listen to believe that’s the way it’s done. Your daddy or boss is the one facilitating that thinking.

“With the iron clad contract, the agent is responsible for the girl being a hooker. It’s pretty simple. The agent-thing. I listen to talent and what they’re saying and I’m mortified by the things coming out of these girls’ mouths.

“There are privates that are set up by prominent directors and players in the business. They set up illegal prostitution- somehow that’s alright. Prominent directors set up private fuck sessions. [Black alleged that Princess Donna was one of them.]

“You have girls that go on these sessions, and these girls are with these agents- but none of this bothers anybody? When we get heat from an outside world and they examine, poke and prod at us, how can we defend anything we do?”

Black also addressed the argument that by going all condom, this was going to make the industry more sleazy and drive us into a black market.

“What is driving us into the black market that’s not already in the black market?” he wondered.

“Ever single one of those girls who are against condoms are the biggest hookers in the business. Would it be safe to say that any of those talent against condoms are using condoms in their privates? If those same girls are using rubbers with their Johns- how is that different than if you show up on set and have sex with the yestergays- the guys who were gays yesterday.

“Julie Meadows is calling HIV a manageable disease like it was psoriasis or something. You have a business starting to get brainwashed that performing with HIV is cool as long as you’re John Stagliano.

“But the agents have no problem with sending talent to an unsafe work situation.

“Spiegler, Hay, ATM, LATATA decided they were going to weed out the bad people. But some of these so-called non licensed agents are better human beings.

“You guys are these licensed big players, so how do you explain sending your talent to work for John Stagliano who is HIV positive?

“I would say that’s an unsafe work environment. You only know what transpires after the scene, after the violation. I would argue that every agent knows Stagliano is positive. You cannot send talent to any unsafe work environment knowingly- how do you explain sending talent to perform with an HIV infected performer?

“How do you explain your talent, Chanel Preston, Allie Haze, Kelly Divine- how do you explain away sending those girls to perform in a sexual movie with somebody who’s HIV positive?

“You can give every bullshit what if, but if you knew Stagliano had HIV and he booked the talent- yet you knowingly sent that talent to work with that HIV performer. How do you explain that away Fran, you English genius, that you knowingly broke the law of what an agent is supposed to do? How do you explain it?

“How are you able to get away with it and are not in jail yet? I’m lost. If Derek and all you agents know the laws, how do you get around sending talent to work for HIV performer.

“Are you going to have the soccer mom explain this in court? ‘He [Stagliano] makes Magic Johnson look like Super HIV so, as a talent lawyer, my client, the agents, didn’t send someone into an unsafe work environment because he takes special pills and it’s manageable.’

“I think a jury would take off their shoes and throw them at your head. I think you would have shoes thrown at you. Seriously.

“What we’re going through with the agents is staggering,” Black continued, “because we manage to take guys that in any other facet of life would not be existing and breathing. But they are entrusted with the lives of men and women and the families they support. It’s sickening.

“The day is going to come when you get a couple of sympathetic female legislators who will demand that this business cleanup. We have prostitution websites owned by the agents where they send you out on privates. To me cleaning the agents up is easy because they’re so blatantly guilty.

“There’s no bullshitting your way around that. You give a shit about the talent and anything they do and say when you’re sending countless girls to work with an HIV performer? You can’t claim that you care about performers when you send them out on privates with junkies.

“My chest hurts because this is such a black and white issue. On other issues you can have an interesting debate, but this agent issue is clear cut and dry. The whole agent conundrum is pathetic because we know the reality of it, and no one debates it.

“But when the lawsuit comes out, everyone will debate it.”

Black said no one debated the Stagliano issue until a lawsuit brought it home.

“Today we start a debate because a lawsuit is coming down soon for the agents. They’ll take a depo from Fran and Derek, and they’ll start probing these green cards and where they’re sending money.”

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